Tacos and Baffs

Yesterday turned out to be pretty great and thankfully my mood switched from raging bitch to okay mama. Henry and I snuggled a lot in the morning, I’m guessing because it was pretty cool out and a little chilly in the house and he wanted to keep warm. He fell asleep in the car on our way to pick up Regina for her appointment and slept the whole time she was in there. Naps always make him pleasant in the afternoon — who’d have thought?

After her appointment was finished we headed over to Color Me Mine to pick up our family project that we worked on last week. It turned out really nice! I wasn’t sure how good it would look because we were rushed and didn’t get the recommended three coats of paint on, but really it does look nice. It was a family project that we all worked on together so of course that made it beautiful in my mind :)

After collecting our pasta bowl Regina managed to get Taco Bell on my mind (I think she just said Taco Bell) and there was one nearby so we stopped there to get a quick bite. They didn’t have a high chair but Henry did excellent sitting in the booth like a big boy eating his taco. It was a quick but fun pit stop before we headed to the mall to grab her some work pants at Forever 21. She got 3 pairs of stretchies and a pack of socks for $16. Disposable clothes, yes but you can’t beat it for $16 that will see her through for a few months.


From there we headed towards the YMCA to take Henry in the giant “baff.” I wasn’t sure how it would go because last year he didn’t enjoy the pool as much as we had hoped but oh man this kid had a ton of fun! As soon as he got his suit on and then saw the pool he became really excited. Getting his life vest on was super easy because he remembered swimming last year and exactly what it was for. All smiles! The played in the water for a half hour or so, socializing with another little boy, splashing, tossing a ball, squirting water in his face with a toy duck and going down the slide. Regina was so great with him and I couldn’t help but realize how lucky I am to have her as a daughter.

IMG_0356 IMG_0359

When it was time to leave Henry didn’t give us any trouble. I told him it was time to go see his Dad and he was ready to go! We made the trip home and I made a quick dinner for Aidan and Marshall.

It was a really great day so I am really happy about it. Today it is going to be a little warmer here than it was yesterday (75 degrees) so I might take Henry outside to do a little work. There is watering and weeding to do and I know he will be a big help with both. Other than that I don’t have anything planned (yay!) I love “off” days!

Well, I hope you all have a great day!


2 thoughts on “Tacos and Baffs

  1. Sounds like a fabulous day! Isn’t it great when everyone is in a good mood and relaxes in each other’s company to just ‘enjoy the moments’? My day was pretty busy, too. Went to the shop to pick up my ukulele from repairs, then off to band practice where I stood for over four and a half hours playing ukulele and bass guitar and singing, and then after supper last night to our local Waterfowl Park for an hour and a half to walk and enjoy the serenity of the water and birds and muskrats. It was soothing to my soul, for sure. Here’s to another good day for all of us!

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    1. Wow, that sounds like a really nice time! It’s great that you’ve been getting so much walking in lately, too! I’m glad the weather is finally turning around for you :)

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