Morning Quicky

I’m not sure what to write about today. My mind is all over the place and I have a lot to do but can’t get it together enough to get anything done. None of the things I need to do require any thinking but I still can’t get with it.

I’ve been waking up for the past 5 or so nights with horrible leg cramps and body pain that won’t let me rest well, it’s super annoying and messing with my already low energy level. Ugh. It could be worse.

The early taste of summer hasn’t been helping much either. The humidity messes up my bones and the heat, though it’s stayed in the 80’s just feels like a little too much. What is summer going to be like? We already are cranking the AC so I really hope it will cool down, because I hate having high utility bills.

Marshall has been seriously working my last nerve and though I could dedicate an entire post (or four) about the going on’s with him I don’t want to because I feel it will just work me up more. Writing about the struggles with him will come soon though as I know getting it all off my chest will probably help a lot.

Well, I am going to shower and get outside to water the plants while it is still quiet and Henry is sleeping. He likes to help me do the watering but today I need to do a deep water and I’m feeling anxious so I don’t want to turn a fun activity for him into something rushed. Have a great day!

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