Getting Anxious About the Baby

I hope everyone had a really nice Mother’s Day yesterday! We had a pretty nice time at my parents house where we went for an early dinner. My niece was there for a little while with her daughter who’s only a few weeks younger than Henry. It’s really fun to watch the little ones interact. My parents seemed a little grouchy but they weren’t too bad — just not as fun as they could be. I ate a little too much and was really uncomfortable so I wasn’t very social and couldn’t wait to leave just because I wanted to lay down. They all forgave me though and after about three hours we headed home.

Once we got home I feel like the day went from nice to really nice. Aidan was moving the piles of dirt from the driveway to the backyard so I took Henry out on the porch to watch Aidan and keep him company while he worked. After a little while Regina came out and then a bit later Marshall did too.

We spend a lot of time out there on a daily basis but last night the weather was perfect and everyone was in a good mood (meaning I wasn’t super cranky, uptight Mom) so it was enjoyable until well after the sun went down. Aidan kept working outside for almost another hour after we came in so Regina and I laid in my bed with Henry watching Daniel Tiger until she was ready to go to sleep. Henry was so cute and patiently waited for his Dad to come in, and then to shower, and then finally snuggle with us before he (Henry) would finally fall asleep. He’s such a good baby and loves his Daddy so much, it’s really sweet.

As far as me being cranky, I’ll be the first to tell you that I’ve turned into a witch. I’m so uncomfortable and my hormones are all over the place. Everyone here is being kind about it and know it’s from the pregnancy but I have to be getting on their nerves, I mean I’m getting on my own nerves, so believe me, it’s bad.

We have exactly two months until my due date arrives and while that’s still a long time it really isn’t, considering how fast time goes and everything that will happen between now and then. Henry’s birthday party is just over three weeks away so there is planning to be done, his real birthday is a month away, my birthday is a month away, Father’s Day isn’t long after and the kids summer break will start. Also the fourth of July is in there, too. I know the days will drag out but the weeks will fly by.

I can’t believe there is going to be another baby in our lives soon. We are all starting to get excited but I am going through some anxiety honestly. The other night I had a dream that when I was delivering I ended up having 8 babies instead of one. Obviously I am not having 8 more and there is only one coming but I think it’s an honest reflection of how outstretched I feel I am going to be. It was a very enjoyable time when Henry was an infant because I was able to focus so much of my attention on him. I think it’s going to be very difficult this time. Henry gets so much attention now and I think it will be really hard for him and even hard on the big kids who will have to share their mom with yet another person. We will get through it though, we are a big family with a lot of love to share. I am just worried, as every parent expecting a new child is.

Well, thanks for listening, it felt good to get my worries out. Sometimes that helps a lot, you know? I doubt that my anxiety is going to disappear soon but it’s always useful to recognize it for what it is. Any tips you might have on bringing new members into your house without straining the relationships with your other kids (and spouse) would be appreciated!

Have a great start to the week :)


2 thoughts on “Getting Anxious About the Baby

  1. Ginger, I have seven kids and for me it was actually easier when I had older kids to help. Everyone loved the new baby and at times fought over who was going to hold her/him. When they go to school and you have just the two little ones it will be a bit harder, but now you are an experienced mom so it will be easier than you think!


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