May Front Yard Photos & Seeking Suggestions

The front of the house still has a long way to go but this is what it looks like as of this morning. We took the Boston ferns down yesterday because they aren’t getting enough shade in the afternoon. Grr, I really like them there a lot but the won’t look nice if they are dead. My options are to take them down every afternoon or move their location entirely. There is space for them in the back but I really want hanging plants on the porch!

Also we need to replace the storm and front door, the mailbox and get house numbers. We are also going to switch out the light. I’ve got to paint the white wood and black railing and fill in the planter and the bed with summer flowers. Like I said, this space is not done but it will be nice to look at the progress in a few weeks :)

Any suggestions on what plants you think would look nice in the bed? I’m hoping for some perennials that will look pretty with the maple. They need to be full sun plants and pretty :) Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. I’m thinking maybe some white roses but I don’t know!


5 thoughts on “May Front Yard Photos & Seeking Suggestions

    1. I like to drive around the neighborhood every year and see what I like from other people’s yards. Then I try to remember the plants I like a lot and do a little research and go from there. It’s fun and gives you tons of ideas :)

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      1. Yeah, I’m too lazy for that… Lol. Actually, we are debating on putting a front porch… But we have so much stuff going on eight now that needs to her done. We decided to take a break on our garden. I want to finish the molding in the house, the back porch and the garage door .☺

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