A Good OB Visit (finally) and More Rambling On About the Yard

Yesterday’s OB appointment was smooth and quick, like I was expecting. I did have to get a TDAP shot (tetanus and whooping-cough) but that wasn’t anything major. Those shots always make your arm a little sore but it isn’t anything worth complaining about. The shot made me feel bad for Henry (and all little kids who get vaccines) though! While they don’t really hurt, for little kids it just doesn’t seem fair especially when getting more than one at a time. We space Henry’s out so he never gets more than two shots at once but some parents probably don’t realize that they can do that. Of course it means more trips to the doctors and more days of crankiness but it doesn’t cause as much pain at once. Oh well, they don’t remember that stuff in the long run.

I’m measuring right where I am supposed to and set up the rest of my appointments for the rest of my pregnancy. Filling in my appointment book sure made it feel like we are really nearing the finish line! There is still a way to go but we are getting closer and closer!

Today Aidan is 34! He is off from work today and he was off yesterday. Three days ago he worked from home because of my eye appointment so it’s been really nice having him here. He did a ton of work on the yard yesterday, focusing mainly on the front yard. He’s at war with the grass and started ripping a lot of it out on our small area out front.

We have a really high retaining wall that is common in our neighborhood and that we don’t really like but live with. Our house is raised up from the sidewalk in the front so it’s the retaining wall or a steep slope. Either way it’s not ideal but what can you do? Now that he has a section of grass lifted next to the stairs I’m thinking that I might like to plant a lavender bush there. My mind is always moving lol.

Well, since it’s still early I’m going to try taking some pictures while there are fewer people to witness me doing so. I’ll try to post some in a bit.


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