When One Door Closes

This morning when my alarm clock went off it was one of those times when you just want to shut it off and forget about waking up. I don’t know why I feel so tired today but going back to sleep wasn’t an option for me. In a few hours I have a meeting with a new woman who I’ve been set up with through my therapist. She will be more of a mentor and not a therapist but will help me when it comes to dealing with and advocating for Marshal. I don’t know her story yet but I do know that she has a daughter who has gone through the mental health system.

Sadly, the time is up for the program we have been in for the past 8 months and I will be losing the services of my therapists who have truly helped me and Marshal so much. It was only set up to be an 8 month-long program, which is long I know but I am sad to have it end. My main therapist was so great and it’s really hard to find someone who you can click with so well. There were a few times when I wanted to give up and end counseling because it was so hard to talk about and get past some issues but I did trust her and believed she was guiding us in the right direction. I’m glad I didn’t give up, she did know what she was doing and she did get me past some of the most difficult areas of my past. Marshal loved her too and said himself that he is going to miss her.

We had an exit activity last night at Color me Mine and the whole family was there. Regina and Marshal bickered, Henry fussed and Aidan and I worked on the pasta bowl we picked to paint. While it wasn’t the best time of any one’s life it was nice in my mind. When my therapist said it would be the last time she’d see us I was caught off guard and became sad. I thought I’d see them again tonight for a last session and had wanted to get both of them something small to say thank you. I started to cry a little and felt silly but in the end I’m glad that they meant so much to me.

I’m nervous about meeting my mentor but have faith it will be a good match. If not I don’t have to work with her but I really am hoping it will work out. Any advice on dealing with Marshal when he’s out of line is welcome as long as the person is caring and understanding.

Have you ever lost a therapist that you got along with so well? Do you have anxiety about meeting new people, too? I struggle with opening up to strangers, is that something you struggle with as well?


3 thoughts on “When One Door Closes

  1. My high school counselor. She was everything to me. She got me through tough times. Then, my senior year, she retired. I got another lady who was not nice. Four years ago, I found her an email and was so happy she wrote me back.

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  2. I’ve suffered with anxiety since my 2 year old was born. It’s not a nice thing to deal with! I hope your mentor helps you. My friend had one. Hers helped alot as it’s more about thinking about the future and learning to take control, and not so much of dwelling on the past

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    1. That’s great! And from what I can tell you are right, the woman said we were going to set up goals for each of us. It’ll be hard for me to get out of the therapy mode but after a few meetings I think I’ll get the hang of it.
      I’m sorry you have anxiety, it’s really a tough thing to live with! People who don’t have it constantly don’t always understand it either and that makes it even harder.


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