New Addition to the Yard

This weekend was super productive (on Aidan’s part) and the yard is looking so, so good. I wasn’t really much of a help to him but I did try to keep him company while he got the front yard and a good deal of the back yard in better shape.

We actually went to a local nursery yesterday morning and picked out a dwarf Japanese Maple (Red Dragon) that we are both overly excited about. It was the one we both really liked because of the leaves and we felt lucky that the nursery had three to choose from. Before we went too crazy and started buying other plants (they had a ton of awesome ones) we paid a small fortune for the tree and headed home so he could plant it. Once everything is done that we already have started we will go back and explore to pick out some other plants.

reddragon-apriHere is a picture of what the trees leaves look like up close. They are beautiful! The leaves are soft and flowy and were compared to feathers by Regina. I couldn’t agree more! The leaves will be purplish red in the spring and summer then turn crimson red in the fall. The tree is a total upgrade from the burning bush whose leaves were only red in the fall. As of now, the tree is still very tiny, maybe only 2 and a half feet tall but over the years it will mature to 5-6 feet tall and wide.

We won’t be around to see it mature for more than half it’s size, but it’s 2282-Red-Dragon-Japanese-Mapleperfect perfect for the space under our front porch. Right now a few of our tulips are little a bit taller than the tree but when it is full grown it will probably look like this. The one we picked has one as it has similar shaped branches. Hopefully the next owner will love it as much as we do and won’t rip it out!

I thought Aidan was going to have a really hard time digging out that burning bush we were replacing the tree with but the roots ended up being very shallow! It was a lot of work, don’t get me wrong, but it wasn’t as big of a hassle as we were believing it would be. I’ll post some pictures of the tree sometime this week. I haven’t taken any yet and we ran out of mulch so the bed looks a little funny. Plus, I hate taking pictures when the neighbors can see.

In the backyard Aidan trimmed some branches off of the full size Japanese Maple and even though it was only a few it made a huge difference. There are three branches he will be taking off of the Cherry Blossom tree too but I asked him to wait until all of the flowers have fallen off because they are so pretty.

Aidan also got a big section of the yard tilled and ready to seed. We had sod installed a few years back but it didn’t take well so he’s been working on sections since last year. The yard isn’t big, but the netting that the sod was in gets wrapped around his tiller so he has to stop frequently to rip all of the plastic netting off. It’s taking a long time but the new grass that he seeded last year is perfect, so it’s worth the time.

The planters still aren’t done but they should be soon. I’m being patient because he’s been doing so much otherwise. My main concern is that we won’t the seedlings in the ground but at this point that is for him to worry about. I’m not getting stressed when the garden is his project to begin with.

Anyway I have a super busy week ahead and even though it will make the time go fast I am sort of dreading it. I’m going to be exhausted by Friday, which is Aidan’s birthday and the only day I don’t have an appointment. Marshal has been suspended from school for 10 (yes TEN) days, so that is just another thorn in my side about this week (and next.) I’ll write about that fiasco at another time during the week though.

Well, happy Monday, I hope you all had a great weekend and the week ahead will be a great one, too! Did you do anything interesting or have anything interesting planned for the days ahead? Let me know :)



7 thoughts on “New Addition to the Yard

  1. I love Japanese Maples, too, but don’t have any in the yard of this house. I do have lots of maple, oak, birch, poplar and evergreens here though (have I mentioned that I practically live in the woods? LOL), and they have been gradually taking over the property so I’ve had an arborist in the last couple of years to cut down a few that couldn’t be saved and trim some dangerous branches from some others that are still nice trees but are encroaching on my house, garage and shed roofs. Lots of work keeping a home looking good, isn’t it? I feel your pain, but from what I’ve seen in your pics and read about on your posts you and Aiden are doing a great job. Won’t it be nice in the summer to sit out on your porch with a cold drink and a sleeping baby and just enjoy your hard work? Looking forward to more updates soon.


    1. I grew up in the woods and my parents still live there! I miss it very much, it’s so private and peaceful! I do know the trees can be scary though, especially when they are close to the house. My parents had a lot removed last year because they were in bad shape. It’s a big expense, but would be worse to have one fall on your home! The last one they wanted removed actually fell last week, luckily not on their home! They have all oak trees and when my grandparents lived next door they named the area Crazy Oaks lol
      I am looking forward to enjoying the porch in the summer just like you suggested! I hope the baby will be a sleeper ;) Aidan is great with loving the yard and a hard worker, I am so lucky to be with him :)

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