Saturday Stinkers

I went outside this morning and was immediately greeted by a skunk in the last trap. Unfortunately, it is not the big white skunk that we were trying to catch, instead it’s a tiny skunk, most likely a teen who might not even spray yet. I wasn’t about to test it out though and quickly went back inside.

Then just as I sat down to write Aidan called down to me asking if I would help him clean up a messy diaper. Oh jeeze it was a mess and it went everywhere. I gave Henry a bath while Aidan stripped the bed and cleaned up everything. That was fun. Actually it was fun because we work together well but not fun because it was a lot of poop everywhere.

Exciting morning here, aye?

Well, now that everyone is awake and I have some laundry to wash I’m wrapping this up. I hope you all have a nice pleasant smelling weekend ;)


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