The Princess and the Pea

Okay, so I totally made the title more glamorous than what my life is but it’s what I thought of when I first woke up. I am not a princess and I didn’t sleep with a pea tucked between many layers of mattresses last night.. I am however 9 months pregnant and feeling like I slept on a bag of rocks, nails, bricks and various other items that wouldn’t be comfortable to sleep on. My body hurts!

Now that that’s out of the way.. How are you? Yesterday turned out to be an okay day here. I didn’t get the dining room detailed but that’s okay, I think I’ll tackle it today. Henry and I just chilled out and played while we waited for the trap guy to come and take away the scary raccoon and remove the traps for good. Aidan and I have agreed it is getting costly to catch the zoo and the traps are really just an eyesore at this point. With Henry’s party coming up in a week we don’t want the traps being a conversation piece.

Henry’s Party — a little planning

For Henry’s party we are doing a construction theme because he loves trucks and all things construction. I’m not going all crazy and getting creative with decorations because well it seems like a waste of money. I will get a bunch of helium balloons though and maybe a little hat for him to wear but that’s about it. I’m fat and cranky, what do you want from me? He won’t remember any of it anyway and I know he will be thrilled enough with his family being here and all the balloons.

As for food, I thought “Construct your own kabob” would be a fun way to go. I’ll have a variety of proteins, veggies and fruits that people can make their own kabobs with. It sounds fun and social and best of all I can prep it all ahead of time with marinade and that makes my life easier. I’ll need to come up with sides of course but I think I’ll just stick to simple salads, etc. My sister-in-law is making an awesome Construction Truck cake that will definitely be the highlight of the day. I’m really grateful to have someone so talented and thoughtful to help me out and make Henry happy!

New Food Feature Planning

Yesterday I realized that I have shared quite a few recipe links here this year. I also realized that I don’t often take photos of the meals I make and kind of just throw them into random posts. I am definitely not a food blogger and I’m not interested in going that route but it seems a shame to not really emphasize enough how easy (and tasty) some of the recipes I use really are. I mean, I cook a lot. And I cook a lot of good food! Most importantly the meals I make aren’t ever difficult,, expensive or take too long to make.


Now, I don’t use my own recipes for the most part, but if I can take the work out of finding easy and good meals for people I probably should help you guys out a little better by making more of an effort to tell you about the meals! I’d like to start a weekly feature of a recipe that I’ve made during the week and take a picture, so you’ll know what the food looks like. I also think it would be a good idea to include any tips and my thoughts about making the food. I think it will be a good way to work on my photography (food is hard to photograph!) and open up a new way for us to connect.

I know a lot of you have the same pressures as I do to get food on the table every night. If anyone is in the same boat as I am what could be better than having a group of friends to rely on in making that easier? My blogging friend Jahaira brought the idea about this up recently and I think it’s a great one so sure, let’s start it! This is my just my spin on the idea, just to get it rolling, but I have to totally give her credit for the social aspect of it, which I think could be the funnest part.

It could be a lot of fun and a great way to try new foods, meet other women and build a new group of blogging friends. Of course, I’m not sure how any of it will work yet, but to start I’ll try to post one meal a week myself and if anyone else is interested I encourage you to do the same! How we will connect them together though, I have no idea at this point, but we can figure that out together if anyone is interested! If there are more than a few of you who want to do it maybe we can create a forum?

Planning Another Theme Change

Another thing I realized is that I am really digging the new theme that WordPress released yesterday, Apostrophe. I LOVE it and I plan on activating it today but there is a lot of work that needs to be done before it looks good with my blog because I don’t always use photos. As with switching your theme at any time there is always work to be done in order to tweak it just so. This switch is going to take a little longer than usual because I have almost 150 posts (!) and most of them don’t have pictures. So.. that’s something for me to work on over the next week. I’m really excited about that theme though and I want it bad enough to take a 100 photos this weekend lol.. Maybe.

Well this post turned into a whole lot of nothing and everything didn’t it? At least it wasn’t full of complaints, right? If you are still reading, have a great Saturday. If not, well have a great day, too!


I’m Going to Shoot You in the Ass with That Gun

Well, the dumb traps are still here and still working but not catching what we have them for. Let’s see.. To date we have caught:

  • 2 groundhogs
  • 1 skunk
  • 2 opossums
  • 1 raccoon

We’ve been trying to catch the last ground hog and skunk for weeks now to no avail but this morning I saw a large and quite nasty raccoon in one of the traps. Most of the raccoons in our neighborhood have rabies so I am staying faaaaar away from that thing (not that I’d get close if there wasn’t a chance it was rabid!)

Aidan broke out his pellet gun and is threatening to take out all of the squirrels in the yard because he says they are digging up all of the lawn. I am 100% against it because a) I like the squirrels and b) there are probably 6,000 in the neighborhood, so I think it’s pointless. We have been battling it out for a day now and I will really be super pissed if I see him killing my little friends.

What the hell kind of city do we live in here anyway? The only 2 critters we haven’t found in the trap that are locals here are a fox or a rabbit. At least we aren’t catching rats like you’d find downtown, right?

So anyway..

Today I’m 34 weeks pregnant and still cranky as ever. I did get a lot of cleaning done (well a lot in comparison to what I’ve been doing lately) and detailed my living room. Henry helped every step of the way with a mini-swiffer, the broom, the vacuum and  an empty bottle of Method. He’s such a big helper and actually picked up all of his toys for me which was great considering I am not supposed to bend over.

Today I’m going to try detailing the dining room which is essentially empty except for our table set, an area rug and a toy box so it should be quick and painless. If it’s as easy as I think it will be I’ll move on to the kitchen which I feel like is in need of detailing every fucking day. How can one room be such a mess all the time? I swear it’s the worst one in this house. I think it’s because it’s closed off from the rest of the house and I only spend time making messes in there ;)

Well, happy Friday, I hope you all have a great one! I have one week to go before Henry’s 2nd birthday party and even though I just want to not have one I’m trucking forward and hopefully getting stuff ready over the next two days. What are your plans for the weekend?

That Week When I Lost All Enthusiasm

I’ve let another 2 days pass in between blogging and that officially makes May my worst month so far. I haven’t got any reason for not writing except that I am TIRED. You guys are probably sick of hearing about how tired I am but what’s worse is how sick of how tired I am of being tired!

Aside from exhaustion (that I am pretty sure all the other pregnant ladies who are blogging feel) I have really getting angry at my older kids over the past few weeks. It’s like they know I’m feeling down so they might as well go for the gut. They’ve both been blowing curfews, disregarding everything and anything I ask of them, missing their buses for school, skipping classes, making huge messes that they conveniently don’t see, and overall just pushing (punching, really) my buttons.

They both have complained that I’ve been a witch lately but if they’d just get their shit together I’d not complain about what they’ve been doing. Omg, why can’t they just act right? I have a feeling this will be a trend come summer if I don’t get them under control in the next week or two and with a new baby on the way, them misbehaving is NOT something I am going to be happy about (or have the energy for) dealing with during newborn mode.


I wish I could start this paragraph with “In other (better) news” but the truth is I’ve got nothing. Pregnancy brain has fully taken over and I have been losing things left and right. Remember I said that we had a lot of coleus and gladiola bulbs to plant outside? Well the time has come to plant them and guess what? I can’t find the bulbs anywhere. Anywhere. I have no idea what I did with them, they are just gone. I’ve searched this house high and low and the only explanation is that they got mixed in with the trash. Aside from the bulbs we are missing a brand new stapler gun and staples that Aidan got for the beds and a new spicket to put on the outside water line, which were in the same bag as the bulbs at one time. All about $100 plus — just gone. The worst part is that I keep wracking my brains trying to remember what I did with them and looking in the same spots over and over. I’m really upset about this.

At least it is Thursday right? What that really has to do with anything I don’t know, I am just trying to make myself feel better about the dumb week I’ve been having.

I hope things are working out better for all of you this week. I know none of this is terrible, what’s going on here, I just do not have the patience to deal with any of it right now. Boo hoo, right? It will pass, I do know that. Have a great day for me, please ;)

Oh and if you have any pregnancy brain stories to share I’d really appreciate hearing them!

Happy Memorial Day

Good morning, happy Memorial Day :) I haven’t written in two days and I think that’s the longest I’ve gone without posting since I started this blog. I wasn’t busy or having the baby or anything, just sleeping late and then taking the days off from writing. Yesterday I had hours and hours to myself when I could have written but I just wasn’t feeling in the mood. Instead I watched A LOT of tv. Sometimes we need to do that you know, be lazy and veg out. I haven’t had a day like that in so long that I don’t even remember the last time. It felt good.

Regina went to the shore for the holiday weekend with her dad. They go down to Ocean City, MD and always have a fun time. Marshall didn’t want to go so he stayed here and had his friend come over. The friend with the crazy mom and yes, she is still crazy. At 11:00am yesterday the police showed up looking for him because she reported him missing, despite him telling her that he’d be here. She even gave them our address because she knew where he was. So he wasn’t missing. ?? I’m still confused about this lady. When she came to pick him up (I’m surprised she came) she didn’t even say anything to me. She wasn’t rude or anything. She’s an odd one.

Aidan took Henry to his parents for a visit yesterday and also took him to get his hair cut. He needed a hair cut so bad and now that I can see his adorable little face he looks so cute. They also went to Target and and Aidan made the first purchase for the baby.. diapers. We are set! Just kidding we still need to get a bassinet and car seat but we will soon. He also picked up a bottle of Dreft so I can start washing some of Henry’s old newborn clothes. I think we have a few neutral outfits but if it’s a girl Aidan will have to go pick out some clothes. I’ll just ask him to take Regina with him so she gets some really cute things on my behalf. It’ll suck if I can’t pick some stuff out but really there will be plenty of time for that.

Well, I don’t have much else to say today but I do hope you have a really nice Memorial Day and hopefully spend the day with your families, grilling or something along those lines!

Forward Ho!

It’s Friday already, wow! This week didn’t feel like it was going by too quickly but now that I am so close to sleeping in tomorrow I realize it has. Quite a bit has happened here this week and nothing was too bad so that makes it a darn good one :)


Remember a few month’s ago when my daughter and her boyfriend broke up? It was a really hard time for her but she made it through — moving-on-quotes-01made some new friends, stopped crying all the time, got a herself a job, and most recently her drivers permit. Yeah, well no sooner than she is doing really well she starts hanging out with him again. Twice this week. I’m not happy about it. Neither is Aidan or Marshal. We all think he’s bad news and have told her it’s not a good idea to be around him. While none of us are saying what we really want about the situation she knows none of us approve. She says they aren’t getting back together and that they are just friends but I know she is vulnerable and don’t want her to get hurt again. I hope she will wise up quick and really move on.

Obligatory Pregnancy Wining 

In unrelated news, my OB appointment yesterday kinda stunk. I mean, I don’t really know what I was expecting to come from the appointment, I’m 33 weeks pregnant and just uncomfortable. There really isn’t anything anyone can do for me. I suppose I was hoping she’d have a magic wand of some sort though ;) I was given some worksheets on stretching to relieve the sciatic nerve pain I’ve been having, told not to bend over to prevent the cramping in my stomach, and advised to drink more water to calm the Braxton Hicks down. She was sympathetic to my discomfort, but seriously, there really isn’t anything anyone can do for me and it kinda stinks. Suck it up, buttercup.

I woke up a lot last night with leg cramps because unfortunately we have been out of bananas for a couple of days. By the way guys, thanks for that tip, thanks so much, it really does help when I eat them! I need more ;) Aidan was up all night with stomach issues and I hope he isn’t going to be sick for the long weekend. The way he was in the bathroom I would have thought it was some type of food poisoning but we all ate the same things for lunch and dinner and no one else was bothered. My poor man, that really sucks for him, I hope whatever it was is gone now.

And Because I Haven’t Beaten the Topic of My Yard to Death Yet..

This weekend we don’t have any solid plans except that Regina will be at the shore with her Dad and Aidan will be taking Henry to visit his family on Sunday. I don’t know if I am going with them on Sunday, I suppose I’ll see how I feel. There are a few things that are left to put into the ground here so I’d like to finish with them and maybe get some cleaning done if I have the energy (fingers crossed!) We finally picked out the house numbers we want to put on the front porch and a mailbox then I have to still fill the big planter. Once that stuff is done I am calling it quits on the front of the house at least until the fall.

As far as the backyard goes that is almost done, too! Aidan got his veggies into the planters (hurray!) and re-seeded the areas he was working on. There are a few more things to plant in the raised gardens but I think his hard work is done, now it’s just a matter of waiting. We still have some spots left to plant a few things and maybe some of that will be done this weekend. I really want to re-paint the patio and hopefully he can bring his dad’s power washer home with him on Sunday so I can get the painting done before Henry’s party.

Well I rambled quite a bit there. I feel like I haven’t done a post like that in a while but for all I know each of these are all pretty much the same lol I hope you all have a great Friday and a long weekend ahead of you. They are celebrating summer now, it’s hard to believe it’s been months since I’ve mentioned snow :) It feels good!

Who Sucked Out the Feeling?

This morning I have an OB appointment and I’m really happy about that because I have been feeling really cruddy lately. Like, super terrible. I’ve been getting Braxton Hicks non-stop and they are starting to make me worry this baby will be coming early like Henry did. I’m sure it’s nothing to worry about but being reassured is always a good thing, right?

When Henry was born he arrived 3 weeks early so he was still considered full term but he was tiny. Born at 5 lbs and 11 oz he was the smallest of my three. My other two kids were 6 lbs 4 oz and then 8 lbs 6 oz. As big as I feel right now there really is no way in knowing how big the baby actually is. You never can tell, even with ultra sounds — they aren’t really accurate. I just want this baby to be born full term and healthy of course but I also wish all of this discomfort would stop. There’s no winning and I guess for the next 7 weeks I’m gonna have to deal with it.

This house is a mess. I haven’t been on top of anything and not only is it starting to show around here but it’s making me crazy and cranky. I haven’t had any energy for the past few weeks and these days it’s getting worse. When I push myself to get cleaning done if I bend over the stupid contractions start up. I find it impossible to not bend over so it’s lose, lose :( Aidan has been chipping in a ton — cleaning up the kitchen, doing just about all the laundry, picking up after Henry and more. I’m so grateful he is understanding but I really just want to do it all myself. I enjoy cleaning, it de-stresses me and not being able to do it makes me feel worthless.

There are so many things I want to get done around here before the baby comes and I’ve been given and will get a lot of upcoming opportunities to get them done. The problem is that I seriously have zero energy and I am really hurting. It’s terrible. I know I shouldn’t beat myself up for that and I’m not really doing such a thing. I’m honestly just feeling sorry for myself which probably makes it all worse but if there is one thing I love having most in this world (within myself) it’s energy and I’m really feeling miserable without it. My body is happy when it can keep up with my brain and lately I’m just so unbalanced.

I still haven’t touched a paint brush to the living room and I have a ton of baby clothes to wash and organize. The bathroom needs a major cleaning and I’d like to steam mop all the floors. I want to start cooking for the freezer and get life set up to be simple once the baby is here but all I can do these days is think about this list of things. I really hope I’ll get a burst of energy, even if it’s only for one day. I could get some of that done, if not most, in one day. I don’t remember if an energy burst comes at the end of pregnancy. I know nesting kicks in at some point but does that include the adrenaline?

How do you cope when you are feeling this worn down, pregnancy or not? Any tips on pushing through a period of exhaustion like this? I know asking for help is my best bet, but I want to do some of it myself.. Any suggestions?

Younger Mommy — Older Ma

Yesterday I took Regina to Motor Vehicle and as expected she passed her written test and was given her learners permit. Jeeze what a feeling that is for me, to have my first child learning how to drive and to be expecting my last child in a few more weeks. Time really flies so fast.

When it comes to my two oldest kids I really still feel so young. An almost 17 year old and an almost 16 year old — that’s just crazy talk! I’m only 36 and could have been this close to the end of my child raising years, but back-up!! I have an almost 2 year old and an almost newborn.. That sets me back a good 18 years. What was I thinking?!

I’ll tell you what I was thinking.. I wanted another baby and then I wanted one last one for the win! Am I crazy? I guess. Depending on how you look at it, yes, I could be considered crazy, but I’ll tell you what.. This round of parenting a toddler is much more enjoyable than I ever imagined.

(In 3 months when I’m in the sleep deprived stage I might not agree with what I just said but after I get some sleep I’m sure I’ll flop back to “this is really great stuff!” mode.)

Having two sets of kids who are so close together in age is a good thing for me I think. When I was a teen I never even wanted to have kids, but I was young then and don’t know what I wanted from life. Once I had my first two I was exhausted. Working hard and raising a family at a young age (or any age for that matter) was certainly a challenge. And for me one that was a little hard to accept, but I did what I had to do. I wanted to go out and have fun with my friends, and there were some times when I was able to do that, but for the most part I didn’t have a great 10 years of being in my 20’s. I did in the fact that I had my awesome kids, but I didn’t because I didn’t have those years of “me” time.

Would I change anything? Nope. Well, except the man I had the kids with but they wouldn’t be who they are, so there’s that..

Now I am older, less selfish, and certainly more confident that family is what I enjoy spending my time, energy and focus on. I have the best man in the world and for me he really makes a difference about how I feel when it comes to my family and life. The big kids help me out a lot with Henry and even though I am a lot older this time around, I still feel pretty young.

When my oldest graduates high school next year I will be 38; when my youngest graduates in (18 years!) I will be 55. That’s a big difference in age, but I’ll still be young; ten years away from retirement. Hopefully I’ll still be able to have energy and I know I (probably) won’t feel as frazzled as I do now.

I suppose I am just meant to be a mother throughout my life (clarification: a mother with young kids as once you are a mom you are one forever). The good news for me is that this time around I will fit in with other parents. With the older two I was usually the youngest parent among their friends and peers and didn’t quite click with the other older (more mature) parents. I always carried around a complex about it, too. With these younger ones I will fit right in because many women my age are having their first babies at my age.

Anyway, that’s what’s on my mind this morning, a day after Regina got her drivers permit, 2 weeks after she got her first job and 7 weeks before my final baby is due to come into the world.

How has your age effected your parenting views? Did you start young or old or in between? Is there a large age gap in between any of your children and most importantly, how do you feel about your age in comparison to your children’s?