What in the Hell is that Lady Doing?

So Regina and I made it to the YMCA after her therapy yesterday. We discussed it ahead of time and decided we would use the elliptical machine. I’ve mentioned it before but it bears repeating: this is my very favorite machine in the world. Well, it was but it’s not anymore.

What I failed to remember about the machine is how difficult it can be when you are just starting out. I also forgot that it took me quite some time to build up my stamina to where I could use it for an hour. Because of forgetting those two key factors when I got on to the machine with my confidence at an alarmingly high level, I ended up making a complete ass of myself.

Now, obviously I don’t care too much about what other people are thinking. I mean seriously, I’m 8 months pregnant (and overweight to begin with) and just starting to workout for the first time in 4 years. I don’t really care if people think “Omg, look at this crazy, terribly out of shape, pregnant lady.” It is what it is, so I don’t feel bad. I do care however that I almost discouraged myself before I could even get started.

You would think that using an elliptical machine was similar to riding a bike. You know — once you know how to do it you never forget. I thought that at least but I’m here to tell you I was wrong. Terribly wrong. For the life of me I couldn’t figure out the machine and more specifically what I needed to do with my feet to make it go in a forward motion. That’s right, I spent the longest four minutes of my life trying to move the pedals forward, not backwards, or in an up and down motion.

Total time spent on elliptical: 4 minutes.
Total people who where wondering what the hell I was doing: I’m guessing all who were present.

The good news is that I burned a handful of calories. The other good news is that my memories of learning how to use the elliptical came flooding back to me. Now I remember that I need to take my time and build my tolerance up. And maybe not be 8 months pregnant. Or at the very least remember that I’m 8 months pregnant.

Anyway, after my disastrous attempt on the elliptical I moved over to the tread mill. I was much better at that because it’s super basic and I even beat my numbers from last week. My total mileage and rate were still completely pathetic, but I burned more calories than I would have say.. sitting in my car devouring 1,000 calories worth of McDonald’s crap. Which I shamelessly admit to having done before arriving at the gym. Yeah, I’m that girl.

In any case, if you ever had reservations about joining a gym or public exercising place because you are afraid of making a fool of yourself, just know that I’m doing it for you. Go ahead and join, give it your worst, I’m sure your attempts will be stellar compared to mine and I’m certain that you won’t look half as foolish as I do :)


8 thoughts on “What in the Hell is that Lady Doing?

  1. I’m sure I will have a similar experience on Sunday when I dance my Tango/Rumba at the Medal Ball. But I just have this I don’t care attitude. I have had five kids and 3 w/o pain management and if I can birth 5 kids (one of them was 10 lbs., my first) I can dance a 1 1/2 minute dance routine and love it. Good for you <3 F the world and what they think :) I hope I don't fall when I get off my soap box !!! :)

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  2. Good for you for actually getting yourself to the gym! It’s hard enough to do on normal days, but when heavily pregnant it’s even tougher to do. So kudos to you. I did have a little giggle over your struggles to remember how to use the elliptical because I can totally relate. Awhile ago I signed up to a brand new gym near my office, and before hitting weights I decided to use the elliptical for my quick warm up. Turns out, this gym had brand new fancy ellipticals that did not work the same way the old ones did. I spent a few minutes trying awkwardly to figure it out then abandoned it and opted for the treadmill too. I then spent the next few weeks watching other women using the machines and eventually was brave enough to go back to it to try it out again. I am hugely confident with all weight lifting, but throw a piece of machinery at me and I’m suddenly a total newbie at the gym. You’re not alone!!

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    1. That’s great that you can use weights! I am so out of shape that I think the lightest ones will still be too heavy.. I’ll get there though! As far as the machines being different, you aren’t kidding! I never realized how different they could vary and this one isn’t like the old one I used to love so much. I’m sure I’ll learn to love it when I actually figure it out and my body cooperates lol


    1. Thanks for reminding me and I am being easy on myself, just making fun of the whole ordeal :) I guess my mind is motivated but my body really isn’t in the best condition to be :) They will catch up to each other soon I hope!

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  3. Wohaa, exercising when in the third trimester of pregnancy… You’re doing more than I have done since February (or was it January?). I took a yoga class two days ago but that was pretty much the only real exercise I’ve had in three months. I really have to get back at it, especially when seeing ambitious people like you.

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    1. Thanks, I’m only doing a little and so far only once a week but anything helps right? I am going to sign up for a yoga class once the baby is born, they don’t have any pre-Natals running now, otherwise I’d do that now! I love yoga, it feels great!

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