Slow Day, Easy Recipe (link) for a Busy Evening and Back Yard Update

Today is supposed to be really nice weather wise and I’m glad because I have a pretty busy afternoon ahead of me. Well, not too busy, but busy enough. Regina has therapy right after school and from there we are going to the YMCA to get a little exercise in. (side note: if I ever spell exercise correctly without needing it fixed in spell check I will fall over.) We were going to go yesterday after Marshal and I’s therapy, but that didn’t work out — I felt like shit. This baby is terrorizing my belly and making it super sore so I just couldn’t do it. Instead I complained for hours until it was time to lay down.

I am making shredded beef sandwiches in the crock pot so dinner will be ready when anyone wants to eat. I love my crock pot for busy days. This recipe is super simple: pot roast, pepperocinis, beef broth, and herbs throw some sautéed onions and beef on a bun — Boom! Everyone is happy. I got the recipe from Pioneer Woman and usually it’s done on the stove top but the crock pot works just as well. Here’s the recipe if your interested. It’s really good and obviously easy. If you do it in the crock pot the times would be HIGH: 4-5 hours or LOW: 6-8 hours. I’ll be doing it on high since my meats still defrosting lol When it’s done you’ll know cause the meat will just fall apart. It reheats well too if you’re lucky enough to have any leftover.

Other than therapy and the Y, I don’t have anything planned for today. I’ll probably try to get outside with Henry and play for a bit in the garden. I have some plants to move out of their temporary planters, some pansy’s I still need to get in the ground and a lot of bulbs to plan for. We bought a ton of gladiolas and coleus bulbs last weekend and even though I’m still a week or two away from being able to put them in the ground I’ve got to figure out their placement. Our first batch of tulips are wilting and just about done, it makes me sad to see them go but I am super happy that they bloomed and looked so beautiful. I’m patting at myself on the back for a job well done!

The garden beds still aren’t done and Aidan has also started a new project. He’s so much like I was 10 years ago – started a million things and not completing them. It doesn’t drive me crazy because I used to do the same thing but it does kind of get to me. He’ll get better at it when he sees how much easier it is to do one thing at a time. He worked outside for almost 5 hours last Sunday so he’s certainly putting the time in. I think he’ll finish the beds this weekend. I really hope he does.

Here are some pictures I took yesterday of the back yard. They aren’t the best cause I used my phone but they turned out well enough.


10 thoughts on “Slow Day, Easy Recipe (link) for a Busy Evening and Back Yard Update

    1. We are hoping to grow soo much stuff, so far we have strawberries, green onion, yellow onion, bell pepper, jalapeño, 2 types of tomato, cilantro and basil. We still need to start potatoes, green beans, 2 types of lettuce, squash and some other stuff I can’t remember. He really needs to get the beds done so we can get them all in the ground lol


      1. So awesome! Do you use straw for the potatoes? I love potatoes! Strawberries are so sweet when you tell them at home. We grow cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, big tomatoes, lettuce, celery, all kinds of hot peppers, cilantro, basil, oregano rosemary, thyme….I can’t wait to see your garden grow! Oooh I want to grow carrots this year.

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        1. I’m not sure about the potatoes yet. Honestly he is doing the veggies I’m just here to prepare them lol I’m sure I’ll be asking you for some advice, your garden sounds as big as we hope ours to be! Last year we only did peppers, tomatoes and a lot of herbs but we’re pretty successful so we are expanding :) I’ll do an update once we actually get it going, I hope you’ll be sharing yours as well!!


          1. A friend gave us some tomato plants and cucumber plants. Biggest tomatoes I’ve ever seen! She is a 95 year old Italian lady who has been growing her own food her whole life. She says she takes the seeds out, dries them and saves them for the next year. The cucumbers were massive! I can’t understand her but my husband can. Lol

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  1. Love your pink flamingos that add their spark of whimsy to any setting! And once again I am jealous of where you live–you have leaves on your trees already–yesterday I got my feet soaked in six inches of slush that formed when the snow squalls we had mixed with more rain. My feet are still cold! LOL


    1. The flamingos are so quirky, I fell in love with them right away lol I kept them out all winter and they added a little color.. Maybe they’d cheer you up if you have some in your yard, though they might be buried? I’m sorry it’s taking so long for it all to melt away but slush sounds promising! I hope you will get an extra long summer out of this to balance out the extra long winter! What part of Canada are you? I think you’re east coast but what is the closest city? I have another blogging friend who is visiting PA and she comes down thru the Niagra Falls area. It’s far from us but maybe one day we will make the trip up there. It would be fun to meet you in person if you aren’t to far and that ever works out!


      1. I’m in New Brunswick on the Atlantic coast of Canada…close to Prince Edward Island and the famous Anne of Green Gables! The closest US city to me would be Bangor, Maine. I’ve been there quite a few times as it’s driveable (one way) in a day. Would love to get to PA–who knows–never say never, right? My snow is melting but it’s a slow process this year. My son went to my cottage on the weekend and got the water turned on there, though, so I’m now dreaming of long summer days at the beach. I can hardly wait–I’m sure it’s the only thing getting me through this miserable weather. Hope you are having a wonderful day.


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