Last night while Aidan, Regina, Henry, and I were up in our room watching tv, Henry suddenly made an announcement. “Boddy,” which means he wanted to sit on his potty. This was out of the blue and exciting because he hasn’t wanted anything to do with it since our first attempt about 3 weeks ago. We didn’t expect much but were happy he was interested in it again. So Aidan set him up and we continued to watch our show while he sat on his potty for a few minutes.

Henry played with the flusher a few times (it makes noise and lights up) and then all of a sudden I realized that the song was different than normal. “Why is it singing different words?” I questioned outloud. Then I listened better and it was saying “You went potty, hurray!” So I got up to see and sure enough there was a little pee in the toilet! I was overjoyed!  I quickly praised, hugged, kissed and high-fived Henry and then Regina and Aidan did the same. He was so excited and confused about what was going on, it was adorable!

I think he understood a little what was happening but not all the way because he peed more in his diaper a little while later. I’m pretty sure we are on our way though! If he is really trained by his second birthday (in June) I will be super proud. Of course it will be a pain in the ass when we are out in public places, but that’s life.

So, that’s our first potty success even though he’s had the potty for some time now. I’m glad that he is coming around and I’m glad I didn’t pressure him when we first got it. He knows it’s there and he’s starting to understand what it is really for. Go Henry!


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