Hey Baby! I Can Finally Enjoy This Pregnancy

I am writing a quick post a little late today because we had a super early ultra sound appointment to see if the baby is growing well and to check on the echogenic bowel had resolved itself. Great news, it did! Also the baby is growing fantastic, so all of that worry they put us through was for nothing. Between this and the second diabetes screening going well I am a happy pregnant lady.

Here is a picture from the ultra sound this morning. These 4D images are pretty creepy but I still think it’s adorable because of it being my baby — we all know how that goes :)

IMG_1715They look like aliens at this age but I can definitely see a strong resemblance to Henry already. And look at those chubby cheeks, I can’t wait to kiss them a billion times! It weighs 3 pounds 3 ounces right now and is in the 55th percentile, so that’s great! I forget how tall the doctor said it was but I know it measured a bit ahead, too. Woo hoo, it feels great not to worry, finally!

I’m almost at 30 weeks (29 wks 4 days) so the countdown is almost officially on! We still have a bit to do like order a new car seat and stroller, get some more onsies, diapers, breast-feeding supplies, and a bassinet thing. It’s a shame we lost all the stuff we had already when we had the fire, but luckily we only need a few things and none of them are urgent. If it comes early like Henry did Aidan will just have to shop alone, lol he’d love that, for real.

It’s getting really exciting trying to figure out what this baby is. Aidan’s been saying the whole time he thinks it’s a girl, but these pictures (we have about 20 of them) might have persuaded him to come over to my thought of it being a boy. Marshal thinks it’s a boy too and Regina doesn’t have a guess but certainly wants it to be a girl.

As far as names go, we have a running list of boy and girl names that we both agree to and that’s great because we really had a hard time deciding last time. We might just wait until it’s here and choose from the list. We both agreed that we weren’t telling anyone the names we like because everyone had an opinion last time. It’s just easier this way to focus on our family, you know?

Well, I am going to pull three meatloaves that I made out of the oven. I’m experimenting with foods that I think will freeze well. I will be trying get some meals done ahead of time so when the baby gets here, we don’t spend a lot of money on take-out, but I’ve never done it before so I’m doing a trial run. Hopefully this will be a good start, wish me luck, and please if you have any tips or recipes that you know freeze well, please share! We aren’t picky and I’d be super grateful! :)


5 thoughts on “Hey Baby! I Can Finally Enjoy This Pregnancy

  1. What a relief for your family (and for your followers)! Very good news indeed. Now you can enjoy the remainder of your pregnancy–well, at least until you start having to get up in the night every hour on the hour to pee…LOL. Thanks for letting us know your good news; I’m excited for you!

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  2. Yaaaay!! So happy for you!!! I found myself wondering about you and the baby last week while I was WordPress MIA. ;) Glad to hear that all is well and you can actually relax and enjoy the rest of the pregnancy.

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