Yesterdays Party and A Plan for Today

Hello there, happy Sunday! How is the weekend going for you so far? We had a good day yesterday at the birthday party. The theme was Winnie the Pooh, which was sweet for me because that was my daughters nursery theme and first birthday party theme.

I was never as creative as Aidan’s sister though and just bought all the decorations. She took the time to make them and they really were cute. My favorite things that she did was make a sign for the bath room that said “Pooh Room” and the pretzel sticks she had dipped in chocolate and then added orange stripes to. I didn’t get that the pretzels were a part of the theme at first but then saw the sign that said “Tiger tails” and it came together for me.

Once we got home we were just lazy and watched tv with Henry. Then Aidan got Rita’s (water ice) before we switched to our shows and eventually I passed out hard. I didn’t sleep well, woke up a lot because I was uncomfortable but still managed to get up early.

Today I have to move the plants back outside and clean up inside. Aidan was going to do the rest of the raised planters but I know he was up crazy late because when I woke up at 4:30 he was reading his ipad. We’ll see if he gets them done, I hope he does but wouldn’t blame him if he didn’t!

Well enjoy the rest of the day, whatever it is you may be doing!


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