Catching Up on Odds and Ends

Good morning, happy Saturday! The weather took a crazy turn of events about two days ago and frost warnings were issued, so I ended up bringing almost all of plants in. We were lucky to only get frost though, it snowed (?!) in North Jersey on Thursday! Crazy right? The plants have been sitting in my kitchen for two days now so I can’t wait to get them back outside today. It’s not that I don’t like the color in here but they are taking up a lot of space.

Killer Bees

I found a wasp in here yesterday which I can only assume came in on the plants. I tried to coax it back outside by opening a window but the dumb thing just sat next to its freedom for three hours before I decided I had to kill it. It would have been an interesting sight if you were watching. Me vs the bee. I won the stand-off, but I admit I was scared to death of being stung. It was probably quite comical to watch. Aidan had me reenact the situation because he knows how scared I can be of bugs.

Ground Hogs and Opossums, No Skunks, Oh Why?

In other outside/garden news we’ve had pretty decent luck with the traps we had set last week for the skunk and ground hog. So far two ground hogs and two opossums have been removed. No skunk yet and while I’m glad about the ground hogs, I couldn’t care less about the opossums. Sure they are nasty little things but they aren’t wrecking the yard. What I do care most about catching is that damn skunk. It sprayed again two nights ago, I think just to say “fuck you, woman!” It’s getting costly having the trap guy come over and over so that stinker better just get trapped tonight.

Ridiculous Pricing

This week we got the estimate back for the yard work Aidan wanted to hire out. It was for removing 3 Rose of Sharon’s, a Burning Bush, tilling and leveling the yard and adding a Dwarf Japanese Maple. They wanted over $3,000! I told Aidan to tell them to piss off. Aidan actually removed the 3 Rose of Sharon’s on his own though and asked for a new quote for just removing the burning bush and replacing it with the maple and leveling the yard (not tilling, just adding dirt) and the guy came back with $2,100. Seriously? They must think we are idiots. Or desperate. Neither of which we are. In talking to my Dad about it he said he had his yard (his lot is 2 acres) done for $400. Hundred not thousand! We are .09 of an acre. Needless to say Aidan will be doing what he can himself.

Birthday Party

Today we are going to Aidan’s nieces second birthday party. It will be fun and good for Henry to be around other little kids. He really likes being social and loves his cousin! I bought a dress to wear to the party but it’s going to be pretty chilly out so I’m not sure I’ll actually wear it. Figures. At least I’ll have it to wear for something else that comes up, right? Maybe I’ll just return it, it is the one I like lesser of the two I bought. We’ll see.

Lukewarm Temper

Everything has calmed down with Marshal here. We had a few text exchanges while he was in lunch yesterday and they seemed to clear the air a lot. They weren’t very nice but were still productive. My therapists were impressed with how I handled the situation and we did a little role-playing so when I do have a talk with him about the explosion I’ll hit all my key points. For now I’m glad his anger has left the building and we don’t have to walk on pins here. I will talk to him by the end of the weekend though because I can’t just let it simmer down without addressing it if I don’t want another explosion to happen again.

Work off the stress

I really wanted to get to the YMCA yesterday but my whole morning and afternoon was spent waiting on the trap guy. Regina and I did go on Wednesday and walked on the treadmill for a half an hour. It wasn’t much but it was something and it felt really good. I did 1.3 miles and all of my body was ready to go except my belly. I was getting pretty strong Braxton hicks and decided it would be a good idea to stop before the baby popped out right there in the gym lol. Aidan and I were talking about maybe going after the party but if not I’m definitely getting there tomorrow!

Well, I hope you all have a great weekend!


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