Burnin’ Down the House

It’s only 7 am and I’ve already faced two failures. The first would be waking up late and the second was nearly burning down the house. While these aren’t what I consider epic failures they were both enough to get my ass moving.

Waking up late is self-explanatory and even though it was only by ten minutes, those ten minutes normally are filled with coffee time. This just threw me off of my game. The big kids got up and out to the bus on time just fine though, so all’s okay.

Nearly burning the house down, however, is not something I’m used to at this early hour. This failure was due to me trying a new cleaning trick before I consumed enough of before mentioned coffee.

Last night I made a pot roast for dinner but had the burner on too high while it was cooking. That resulted in a half-inch of burnt meat, sauce, and veggies stuck to the bottom of my enamel pot. I didn’t want to deal with it last night, so I left the pot on the stove to clean this morning. I wasn’t smart enough to put the lid on the pot though so the whole house stunk horribly this morning.

Coincidentally, I had just read an article the other day about cleaning the burnt food off of dutch ovens without the need of soaking the pot for days on end. Yay! Something new to try! Smart lady I am decided (still half-asleep) that I would give the method a go immediately. Instead of using my common sense and re-reading the article I attempted to do it by memory.

I put water in the pot, dumped a lot of baking soda in, stuck the lid on, and set the burner to high. (WRONG.) Then I went upstairs to wake Aidan up and decided I’d check the directions. They said I should have brought the water to a simmer, added some baking soda, and start to scrape the pan with a wooden spoon. No biggie, my approach wouldn’t change the outcome much. (WRONG AGAIN.)

After Aidan was awake, I came back downstairs to the smell of burning beef, grease, or something that could only be described as horrible. Sure enough, my approach did make that much of a difference and the pot was boiling over into the burner. Flames were shooting everywhere. The roast was super fatty and a grease fire was starting. I held my breath and shut off the burner. The fire quickly stopped. Thank you, house keeping gods.

Here is a picture of the pot after my first (incorrect) attempt to get it clean:

IMG_1713Yum. I’m sure you can use your imagination to visualize how bad it was before I started. Yes, it was ten times worse.

“Are you cooking something? It smells kind of nauseating upstairs.”

Aidan came downstairs and commented on how lovely the house smelled. Then he gave me his opinion on how to clean the pot (soak it). I’m determined not to have this thing sit on my counter for countless days though and I’m interested to see if this baking soda method will work, which it probably will if I follow the directions.

I’ll be start the second attempt shortly, after the pot cools off and I can be assured adding water won’t crack it. Now I also have to wash the outside of the pot off first because it is now covered in greasy, baking soda liquid. More accurately, I’ll probably try again in a few hours because the pot is super heavy and I’m not feeling so lucky. I’d probably drop it on my foot or something. Stay tuned.


10 thoughts on “Burnin’ Down the House

  1. i aaaaalways seem to have something soaking with hot water and soap in it. it’s a pain in the butt, and every now and then I just won’t have the energy or enthusiasm to empty the pot and give it a scrub after it has sat. I’ve tried filling the sink with hot water and soap and putting the pot in there, figuring the full sink would make me get up and scrub once it has soaked, but I usually end up having to stick my hand in cold, dirty water the next day to pull the plug and drain out the sink because I didn’t do as I thought I would the night before. I swear baked on crap is the worst part of cleaning anything!! Let us know if the baking soda works for you! I’m very curious!


  2. This morning I woke up at 4:30 am. I know the husband woke me up even though he says he didn’t. I laid in bed till 4:50 and just got up and made coffee. After I took the husband to work at 7 am I went back to bed till, 9:30 am. The morning is now over and I still have not had my shower. I’d say the day is pretty much wrecked. Cancelled one appt. that I had @noon. I’m going to try to make my 3:30 pm appt. Whatever, hockey tonight and hopefully a better night’s sleep. I have got to get organized :(


      1. Thanks Ginger I did sleep better but OMG they lost 5/2. I couldn’t find my red,white & black socks so I didn’t get to wear them but I wore a Blackhawk’s t-shirt, under my Blackhawk’s sweatshirt. It didn’t help. I’m going to see if the husband can’t get some tickets for Saturday night’s game. OMG thanks for asking. I hope you are feeling okay, I know the last couple of months can be challenging <3

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