No News is Good News

They say that no news is good news right? In the case of my OB and the results of my second glucose test, I’d say not hearing from them is very good news. I expected to hear back from them by Friday or Monday and they didn’t call, so yay! I’m glad that’s behind me :) Of course they could still call but I am doubtful they will.

Today I am picking the kids up after school and we are headed to the YMCA to pick up our membership cards. Double yay! I’m really excited about this membership because the YMCA we are joining is super nice. It’s huge and offers a ton of activities for everyone, including babysitting for Henry, so I can get a little work out on. I’ve already been cleared to do the elliptical, swimming, yoga, and walking by my OB and I know that exercise will be great for my body and mind. I’m really excited!! After the baby is born I’ll be able to go hardcore and actually get in shape so I’m definitely looking forward to those days ahead, too!

It was super crazy rainy here yesterday and last night. There was even a point when they were issuing tornado warnings for a huge part of our area. Luckily, I don’t think any touched down but I know everyone was rattled by thunder storms and super crazy rain in the middle of the night. I didn’t hear any thunder but the rain was coming down so loudly that it woke me up. Crazy! I hope all the rain won’t drown my plants! Speaking of plants, we now have purple tulips blooming along with the red ones :) It’s still raining now but they say it will clear up and turn into a sunny day in a few hours.

Well, that’s all I can think of to write this morning. I wish you all a great day, one full of sunshine and things to look forward to!



6 thoughts on “No News is Good News

  1. With my first pregnancy, I had adnormal nausea… I couldn’t read, drive, walk, I spent days laying. The 3 hour glucose test made me so sick, I got dehydrated and made everything worst. When I went into labor, they broke my water and the contractions were so strong, my tail bone popped out, and I was in so much pain they have me pain meds on top of the epidural, that I got an allergic reaction to so they had to give me more needs, then my baby was born with a bruised face and blood blisters from the strong contractions. I felt like I got hit by a car for months after. And then they were baffled as to why they would tell me I had gestational diabetes because I was perfectly fine. I was pissed!
    When I got pregnant again, I had switched Ob’s. I ate healthy, refused the glucose test, and when I went into labor, I told then not to touch me. Labor was twice as long, but nowhere near as painful, I got my baby out in one push. Other than exhaustion, I was fine. But when I think of the glucose test, I get sick. I am really happy that you are good! 😁

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    1. Wow, your first delivery sounds worse than my last! It must have been so hard for you to decide to do it again with the second one, I would have been terrified. All deliveries are different though! My first was easy peasy, the second was harder, the third was the worst and now I don’t know what to expect! Thanks for sharing your story, I’m sorry you had to go through so much trauma!


      1. Well, my second one was unplanned. Only this girl can mess up birth control. Lol I cried for months because I was terrified. I was miserable, but then I decided, I was going to do things my way and it lifted a weigh off. Sometimes doctors want so much control, they take away from your experience, as if women haven’t done this from the beginning of time.

        Thank you! ☺ lots of baby bump luck to you!


    1. I hope our family will spend a lot of time there, too! They really do offer stuff for everyone! I’m so excited, lol!
      The weather sounds crazy, I’ll bet it was kind of fun! I love crazy weather except when it becomes dangerous!

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