Random Sunday Post

Good morning, happy Sunday! I hope everyone had a nice day yesterday, the weather was beautiful here and the temps got up to 81 degrees. 81! It was super sunny here and the big kids took advantage of it by going to the park to play a game of softball with some other kids in the neighborhood. I have a hard time believing they actually played and didn’t just hang out but they don’t really have a reason to lie about it so I guess I should believe them.


I didn’t write yesterday because I wasn’t feeling well and slept til 9 and after I woke up I laid around until 11 so I just didn’t have the time. My allergies have been going wild and they are really slowing me down. It’s super hard to breathe when they are this bad and I just couldn’t get it
together. Once I did get moving I took ran to the bank and then came back and watered all of the plants. They are doing really well and make the entrance to the house smell great! After that Aidan left and the day slowly slipped away.


Aidan went to meet his friend for the friends birthday and they saw the Fast and Furious movie and then got lunch. With everyone gone Henry and I stayed here and when he took a nice long nap I used the time to finish up the book that I had started reading at the doctors office on Wednesday. I haven’t read a book in a while so it was nice to do that again.

Book Finished: Orange is the New Black

I liked the book and it was nice to finally read it as I’ve actually had it for a long time. I watch the series on Netflix and was worried reading it would give away the rest of the series but happily it didn’t :) So if you watch the show and are interested in the book but are reluctant about spoilers, there’s no need to worry. While of course it’s very similar to how they spun the series it’s still quite different!

Hunting the enemy’s

Today we are going to a baptism for a few hours and then we have to stop at Lowes to get ant killer, ant trap things, and something to sprinkle around the outside to keep them away. Every year in early spring I start noticing ants in the house and this year has been really bad. I asked my twin neighbor if they get them too and she confirmed that they do. Such a pain! It could be a way worse bug to deal with but dang they are annoying and they show up everywhere! If we don’t get control of them soon we will be living with them until next winter. I really hope our little plan to control them will be successful.

Us versus the critters: ants, skunks, and groundhogs

On Thursday we had a guy come out to set traps in the yard to catch a skunk that has been stinking up the yard and digging up the lawn and plants. We also had him set one for the groundhog that lives under our shed. The skunk makes the whole house smell when he sprays and our neighbors were so happy we were trying to catch him because the smell gets into their houses, too. If we actually catch the stinker we will be the heros of the block. As far as the ground hog, I feel bad for him but he tears up the yard too and will destroy the garden. My neighbor to the left rejoiced when she heard what we were doing; she’s been trying unsuccessfully to catch him for years. Sure enough the ground hog was caught yesterday but I’m not sure it was the right one! We used to have a HUGE one but picking through the memory of myself and the neighbor we don’t think we have seen him in a year. Maybe someone else got him or he passed away already. In any case, the one we caught had to go and if we need to order another trap we will. Now for that damn skunk, still no luck on him and seriously he is a nuisance. I’m really hopeful we get him.

New Theme

I was getting kind of bored with my blogs theme and switched it up on Friday. I think I like this new theme that I am using (Resonar) but am not 100% committed to it yet. There are a lot of cool things that can be done with it and I really love the font but truthfully miss the sidebar. I will keep playing with it for a week or so and then decide if I am keeping it, switching back or finding something else entirely. I’m a Gemini, I like change :) Any thoughts on this new look? It’s just the base layer that I will build on but before I get all invested I’d like to know if it’s worth the time!

Well, have a great day!


8 thoughts on “Random Sunday Post

  1. This could be my house. Ants everywhere, and the skunk live under the front stoop. The skunk might be gone. I had someone put a big rock over the hole he was going into and he’s either dead under my stoop or he’s gone. As far as the ants, they just showed up everywhere in my house. Mainly the kitchen. Right now I am researching Armomatherapy solutions. I sprayed some of my Four Thieves in there last night. It seems a little better and now I am doing the light difuser with the Four Thieve. I don’t know if that is helping, but the house smells nice. Oh I was also wondering, do you know what you are having, boy/girl ??? Happy Sunday to you <3


    1. I’ll have to look that up, Sylvia said essential oils are supposed to work too and anything that smells good is always welcome :)
      We aren’t finding out what the baby is until it’s here! It’s tough for me to be patient but it’s also kind of fun guessing with everyone! Happy Sunday hope you had a nice relaxing day :)


  2. There is always something going on, isn’t there, Ginger, to keep us on our toes? I’ve had ant problems before and they are not fun to deal with–determined little creatures. Good luck with them. I’ve read that there are certain essential oils that will repel them so maybe it’s worth checking into that option online…

    My daughter and hubby love the show Orange Is The New Black so I told her what you said about the book–she reads a lot (is a librarian), so I imagine she’ll be checking it out soon.

    So nice that your big kids played softball (unless you hear otherwise, of course…LOL). My adult kids still play it when they can gather a group together at the cottage. Lots of fun!

    Hope you have a great Sunday. So jealous of your warm temperatures and the fact that you have flowers and plants around you already. Sigh….one day soon…one day soon.


    1. How did you end up dealing with the ants? I’m at wits end and we didn’t get to the store today so I’ll be dealing with them for a few more days. Essentials probably smell great I’ll look that up!
      I hope your daughter will read it, it really makes me excited for the new season but I have no idea what will happen in it lol
      It’s great that the teens are getting along.. Which probably means they were up to no good together but the police haven’t shown up so that’s always a plus :) sad but true how my life goes sometimes!
      I hope you had a great Sunday, that snow will be gone soon :) then you can say it’s too hot because that’s how life goes too! Xoxo

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  3. One time when I was around 16, I went to get my clothes that were hanging to dry and a skunk lifted his tail and hissed at me! I dropped my Landry basket, screamed like there was a murderer chasing me and left the clothes there until my mom realized, I was never ever ever ever ever, (did I say ever?) Gonna go back there again! Lol

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    1. Oh jeeze! If you knew how close I’ve been to our skunk and how many times you’d have a heart attack. Nasty things! I really hope we catch it and I’m glad you didn’t get sprayed! Ugh!


      1. Thanks! I think they are cute, but stinky. My friend grandmother had one as a pet, they remove the stink gland. Apparently, they are good pets. I hope you catch it. Maybe animal control can relocate it.


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