Mostly About the Boys

My dumb cat got himself locked outside overnight and I only feel halfway bad for him. Of course if he were missing or got injured I would feel terrible but he was just wet and IMG_1241shook up when he came crying at the back door this morning. He was a stray when we took him in many years ago so being outside isn’t anything scary or new to him but after being so spoiled for this long I’m sure it wasn’t the vacation he was dreaming of. The thing about this cat is that he is super annoying with the going outside business. Once the weather gets a little nice he constantly lurks by the door for the chance to be let out or to sneak out and it really gets to be annoying. It’s even more annoying when we do let him out and he immediately wants to be let back in.

Anyway — I am certain that I slept better than my adventurous cat did last night. I woke up only twice and fell right back to sleep after looking at the clock both times. I truly was exhausted from staying up the night before. Maybe that is the key to getting back on track with the sleeping, staying awake until I’m somewhat a zombie. I’ll keep that in mind ;)

Marshall this, Marshall that: it’s always a good idea to cuss out a teacher..

Marshall is home today — he was given an external suspension for cursing at a teacher after she told him to leave the class due to an altercation with another student. And I said yesterday his behavior has been good. Actually, this isn’t that big of a deal in terms of his behavior and the Vice Principal, who I’ve grown rather close with over the years because of Marshall, complimented his behavior changes he has shown. He had to suspend him though because telling a teacher to pretty much fuck off is frowned upon by anyone.

I talked to Marshall about it and like many of our conversations about his ridiculous habit to curse in every single sentence I think he just blew me off. He wasn’t be disrespectful about the ordeal and he took responsibility for it (which is great for him) but when I suggested he apologize to his teacher he wasn’t interested. I’ll get him there though. I mentioned that he has a good reputation this year and it would be awful to ruin it so close to the end of the year, he recognized that I was right and even said that it felt good for that to be true. Today I’ll be cutting off the wifi until he gets some chores and some school work done. It’s not going to be a vacation day for him, like many of his previous suspensions were, I want him to rather be in school than here with me doing stupid work. I’m catching on finally.

Plans for the weekend: Aidan will be MIA..

This weekend is going to be somewhat busier than last. Aidan is going out with his friend on Saturday to celebrate the friend’s birthday. Then on Sunday we have to go to that friends daughters baptism. I’m not a religious person at all and haven’t had any of my own children baptized or christened or what have you but it’s his best friend and it’s important to them so I’m not objecting. I just hope it doesn’t take up the day. Aidan made a mess of the back yard and still hasn’t finished the planters so I want him to get it done. I’m so mean. Really I’m not but it’s only a matter of time before looking at all the bushes he dug out really starts to get under my skin. He knows this about me though so I’m sure he won’t ignore them for too long.


Well, have a great day. I’m going to try taking a few pictures of my flowers over the weekend and put them up, I’m really proud of my planters and want to show them off ;) Do you have any plans for this weekend? The weather here in PA is supposed to be great and I wish that for all of you, especially Sylvia — melt snow, melt!




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