More Pregnancy Problems

Yesterday afternoon I got a call from my OB to tell me that my glucose screening came back “ever so slightly high.” This was the result of the diabetes test I took last week when I had to drink that gross drink and then have my blood drawn. They told me I need to come back for a three-hour screening which consists of them drawing my blood, drinking another tasty drink and then having more blood drawn every hour for three hours. There will be no blood left in me. Yay. Can I tell you how much I hate having blood drawn? Who doesn’t though, right?

Why is all of this stuff going wrong for this pregnancy? If I do have gestational diabetes it’s really not a big deal, I’ll just have to modify my diet and exercise more (some) and have a little extra monitoring to get it under control. If it’s really bad (which I doubt) I’ll take some medicine, too. It’s just super annoying that it seems like everything that could go wrong is going wrong. Of course that’s not true, plenty worse could be going wrong but that’s just how it feels. I am reassured monthly that the decision of this being the last baby is the best decision I can make.

In other news my body is really seriously hurting from all the planting I did the other day. Everything looks beautiful and I only have a few things left to finish up but was the pain worth it? Actually, yes, I think it was. My front yard looks really cheery and I’m pretty much done for a while now :) Naturally getting that done is making me want to work on the bed out there but I’ll need Aidan’s help for that because it’s a hot mess and needs to be tilled I think. Anyway I’ll post pictures when I finish potting and planting the remaining ones. No one really seems to care about my gardening adventures here, and I’m sorry if I’m beating the topic to death, but it’s important to me so I’ll keep writing about them until I get bored. Sorry!

Today I am supposed to meet up with my BFF and her son so we can take the babies to a little play place called Bouncing off the Walls. I think it would be a ton of fun but I am tired and wondering if I should cancel. I woke up at 2 and have no idea how many hours I was awake until I fell back asleep. It was a lot of them though. I might just invite them over here but it would probably be better to just go. Henry loves being around other kids and the place has a lot of activities he would enjoy doing. Guess I’ll just suck it up. It’ll be nice to hang out with her, we haven’t gotten together in months!

Well, I’ve got laundry to start so I better get to it. I hope you all have a great day!



2 thoughts on “More Pregnancy Problems

  1. Re: the glucose test: It’s annoying when you know there really most likely isn’t anything wrong, but the doctors have to cover every base. I mean, I’m glad they are thorough, but still… With my last pregnancy, I had “suspected partial placenta previa.” It was never confirmed. It was like a shadow on the ultrasound that *might* have been *partial* placenta previa. But because of that, no sex allowed for like the whole second half of the pregnancy. It sucked! :)


    1. Oh wow, that must have been really scary for you to go through. And tough I bet it did suck! I agree that it is annoying and things are being thrown at me left and right of “could” be’s. I’m too old for this lol


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