I Went a Little Crazy in Lowes

Well, I may have overdone it at Lowes yesterday. I think you could say I purchased enough plants to keep me busy for the next few weeks days. Even though I went in there knowing exactly what I wanted to buy once I saw all the beautiful cheery flowers, I sort of lost my mind. An entire cart (and then some of another) was filled with a large variety with plants for my planters. I bought 3 Boston ferns to hang on the porch. And, yes — a few plants to stick in the ground. I didn’t bother to ask if it was too early to plant and instead let spring fever got the best of me. Seriously. I went crazy.

Then (of course) the weather people warned of a freeze last night so I decided it was best to bring them all inside. Aidan wasn’t thrilled having to move everything twice but when we woke up we were glad because at 8am there was still a coating of ice on my car.

My kitchen stash :)

While Regina and I played in the garden center Aidan purchased all the supplies needed for the raised beds. He was smart and had the guy at Lowes cut the cedar down to the sizes he needed;  it only cost a few dollars for the cuts and made his life a lot easier, especially when it was time to load all the wood into his car. After a fun-tastic game of move that plant we had lunch and he got right to work. Altogether Aidan will be building (four) 4x4ft beds and he was able to get two of them erect and then the third boxes sides done.

They are looking really nice so far and I know they will look even better once they are in the ground. He left high posts along the frames so he can screen it in to protect our veggies from critters. After assembling the last two planters he’ll prep the ground, anchor the frames before filling them with soil and begin planting! It’s supposed to be 70 degrees here today so I think he will get a lot of it done by the end of this weekend.

raised garden beds

As for me and my planting — I’m going to try finishing up the planters and get them outside. If it frosts again they can easily be brought in the house again. I am worried about the few plants I bought to plant in the ground. Hmm, what to do. My plan is to transplant the perennials from their containers into the ground after they are spent so maybe I’ll do the same for the ground plants, but only keep them in containers for a few weeks. The only problem I might run into is not having enough planters.

Another item I also got at Lowes is a really large planter to put next to my front door under the mailbox. This space is a fairly large gap of nothingness and the only things ever there are abandoned shoes, so I think it will be very nice once it’s done. I haven’t picked out flowers for it yet because Regina was ready to murder me after two hours of playing in the gardening section but not getting anything for it yesterday also gave me some time to look online for shade loving plants. I think I’ll be filling the planter with a combination of coleus. Woo hoo, I think it is all going to look so nice when it’s complete!

Well, have a lovely Sunday and hopefully tomorrow I’ll have some finished pictures and will be able to go back to talking about the daily drama here. Just kidding about the drama, I don’t want anymore of that this month, but maybe I’ll be able to move on to other things :) Like how I’ve been avoiding my painting project lol


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