Garden Talk

There is something so enjoyable about quiet weekend mornings that just can’t be achieved during the week. Even if the days are for vacation or there are no appointments scheduled, this level of relaxation only seems reserved for Saturdays and Sundays. I’m enjoying my coffee, and the feeling of not having to rush to get dressed or wake anyone up. It’s just such a nice feeling.

The weekend promises to be nice weather wise (mid sixties with plenty of sun) and I really hope that we will take advantage of it. After being away for most of last weekend there is plenty to do outside and the sun always helps everyone’s mood. It feels good to get stuff done, too!

For the first time in years I have an idea of what I need to fill in my back flower bed and I’m really excited to get the plants I need to make my plan come to life. I don’t know if it’s too soon to put things in the ground but I’ll find out and begin some planting this weekend if possible. I’m so excited!

Here are a few pictures of how the back yard bed currently looks. It’s not much to look at, especially since everything is still pretty dormant, but it gives you an idea of what I need to fill in. There are a lot of bare spaces with plenty of room for new plants to grow. Keep in mind, I live in an urban neighborhood so we can see right into my neighbors yard on all three sides ;)


My hydrangea is in the most awkward of places, I moved it about 8 years ago after it wasn’t doing well in its original location. Unfortunately, when I moved it, I wasn’t thinking about how big it would eventually become. Ideally it would be better on the right side of the bed because it is so large but that area gets more afternoon sun and I’m also terrified to move it. This is my favorite plant and I’d hate to lose it! I might ask someone at the nursery to give me some advice on how to relocate it but I think my only option is to work around it.


I’d like to add 2 more hydrangeas to make the bed more attractive (and because they are my favorite) but I’m not sure of the exact placement just yet. In front of the hydrangea (to the left in the above photo) is a hosta that refuses to leave. The last time it was dug out some of the root was missed and sure enough it is coming back. I’ll try digging it all out again this year and probably put one of the new hydrangea in its spot and another on the other side.


To deal with the ugly fence issue we have bought morning glories and foxtails to plant. Morning glories are climbers that should fill in nicely and foxtails are beautiful stalks of flowers that grow to 5 feet. We only have one packet of each seed wise but if they do well this year we will get enough to fill in along the fence area next year.


There are 3 other plants that I’d like to get two more of each: roses (though I’m not fully decided on the type), azaleas, and that little red leafy plant you can hardly see in the back. I’ll be planting all of those in the areas near the plants we placed last year and I’m hoping this will fill in the majority of the bed over the next 2 or 3 years. There will still be room to walk through the bed for weeding and space to plant a few annuals in the spring and fall. I hope all of it will come together nicely in the end but only time will tell.


The last thing I wanted to note is my spring bulbs that have grown! We think they are tulips and bearded iris! The bulbs in the front have grown even larger than these and we happily found what looks to be hyacinth growing among them. Still no crocuses, but that’s okay, I’ll be successful next year, I have hope! I am very excited to see them grow over the next few weeks and if I plan my new plantings carefully they should cover the spent foliage of the early bloomers next year.


Fingers crossed on all of this planning as I really don’t know much about gardening at all. I do enjoy it very much though and I think in 20 years (if I keep at it) I’ll surely know what I am doing :)

How are your gardening efforts coming along? Do you have any advice for me as far as my planned plantings, placement and thoughts on moving things around? Do you enjoy gardening and are you successful?


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