First Attempt at Potty Training Starts Today

This will probably turn out to be another short post but I’ve got a lot of cleaning to catch up with this morning. Yesterday ended up being a pretty nice after getting through the bump in the morning and feeling tired for the better part of the day. Around 3 o’clock I took Henry out to the front porch to wait for the big kids to get home from school and get some fresh air and we all ended up staying outside enjoying the warm weather until 6:30 or so. It was really good for us to all spend time together and even though Marshall was somewhat annoying and hyper it went pretty well.

After dinner Aidan and Regina went over to Target while I gave Henry a bath. We needed baby wipes and a gate and I also wanted a potty for Henry. I’m not sure that he is ready to go on the potty but I’m going to try it out starting today :) If he doesn’t get it right now that’s not a big deal to me at all, honestly having to take him into public bathrooms once he is trained is going to be a serious pain in the ass, but I don’t want to hold him back if he is ready.

It’s going to rain here for the rest of the week so hopefully I’ll have the energy I haven’t had and get back on track with getting the house in order. I also think it will be a good time to let Henry run around semi naked and maybe get potty trained.

Last weekend was supper busy with family visits and I am looking forward to this weekend when we have nothing planned. It’ll be sunny and sort of warm so I hope we can finish up out front and get started on the raised beds in the back. Aidan is lining up landscapers for quotes to level the back yard and remove some large shrubs. I wish he wouldn’t spend money on the yard this year but he’s determined to finally get it all done once and for all. I’d rather have the house painted but I guess I’ll be doing that myself. Yay. That reminds me that I have to get back to work. Double yay.

Have a great day doing Tuesday things and I will try to have one, too!


3 thoughts on “First Attempt at Potty Training Starts Today

  1. My so just turned 2 last week and people have been telling me I should get going on the whole potty training thing. Although looking forward to the results, not looking forward to the process lol if you have any tips let me know :)

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    1. He was excited for it yesterday but didn’t go and today he didn’t want anything to do with it so I didn’t push him. I’m going to just ask him a few times a day so he doesn’t hate the process! My oldest took a few months to get it and once she did she was trained like magic, my middle one was trained when he was like 1 but I think that was more because of watching his older sister! They are all different, we just have to give them the chance and let them learn :) If I find out anything different I’ll share, if you promise to do the same!

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