Dear Monday, I don’t like you.

Well here we are the first day after spring break and as suspected this morning was a rough one. I expect tomorrow will be harder but today was hard enough. I had a hard time waking out of a dream of a homeless man wandering through our neighbors house and trying to get food scaring the kids half to death. It was really strange and I myself was scared in the dream but was trying to lead him through the neighborhood trying to find someone who would help him.

After I finally woke up it wasn’t too hard to get the kids awake but Marshal was angry that he couldn’t get his book bag zipped and then kicked the baby gate, which he completely broke. So now I have to go to Target when they open to get a new one otherwise Henry and I will be stuck upstairs all day. Sigh. I thought it would be hard to get Marshal up and moving for school but I wasn’t expecting him to act like an ass.

Now they both just came back and told me they missed the bus so I’ll have to drive them to school. Happy Monday. I’ll try to write more later.


6 thoughts on “Dear Monday, I don’t like you.

    1. Thanks, as far as getting him up and Marshal acting better — that has turned around. Now I am dealing with Regina being a sobbing mess but at least she isn’t breaking things. I am actually looking forward to next Monday and have given up on this week ;)

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