Getting the Yard in Order

Yesterday Aidan stayed home from work because he got about as much sleep as I did the night before. It was pretty nice out so he started the winter clean up in the yard and did a really great job getting all the left over leaves and trash out of the back and front yards. We don’t have a very large piece of land but it’s still a lot of work to get it looking nice. Now that it’s almost all cleaned up he is going to focus on getting the raised garden bed built. We have plans to visit each of our families on both Saturday and Sunday of this weekend so I doubt anything will be done then, but after that I’m sure he’ll be busy for a few weekends.

We tried some vegetables and herbs last year in pots and for the most part were successful. This year we are going to expand on the peppers and tomatoes and try some lettuce, onions, beans and add a few more varieties of peppers and tomatoes. He is really excited about all of this and I am excited too but this project will be his baby for sure. I’ll post some pictures and updates as the project moves along.

As for me with the outside: I am itching to get some pansies into the planters out front but before I can do that I have to drill a few drainage holes in the planters. I forgot to pull out the little tabs last year before adding the soil and while the plants lived I don’t want to chance it again. After that I’ll be adding pansies and then as more flowers become available I’ll add some more. I’m so excited to get some lively color out there to take away from the brown pathetic looking grass :)

It’s supposed to be nice today so I might just get the planters done. I am starting to see pansies everywhere so I think they will be able to thrive even though it’s still on the colder side. We have a doctors appointment this afternoon and I told Regina we’d go try to sell some of our clothes at Plato’s Closet (finally) and then maybe I’ll stop at Lowe’s for the pansies which is right around the corner.

Right now my porch looks a little like Sanford and Son’s because the old desk is sitting out there. I’ve got to call for a large trash removal but before I can I’ll need to pay them for the last one we had done a few weeks ago. I hate going to the post office because it’s out of the way but really need to get on it. Maybe I’ll just have Regina run in while we are out.

Well, have a great day and enjoy the weather, if you are lucky and it is getting nicer out like it is here.


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