Not the News We Were Hoping For

It’s 3:30am, I’ve woken up some time ago and I can’t fall back asleep. We had the ultra sound yesterday and it didn’t go as well as I was hoping. The echogenic bowel is still there and the only thing we were really told was that it was still there and that we’d have to come back in 4 weeks. So more waiting and hoping that everything will turn out okay. The tech told us not to worry until there is something to worry about but I don’t know what else to do and at what point is there something to worry about?

The first time we heard about the echogenic bowel the doctor said it usually clears up on it’s on by 35 weeks but that is still 9 weeks away and I was also told that it sometimes clears up by the next ultra sound, which it hasn’t. I’m trying hard not to worry but it’s hard not to. I ended up Googling yesterday despite saying I wasn’t going to but I didn’t find too many terrifying things that I wasn’t already aware of. I did however find other expectant mothers who had been diagnosed with this that went on to deliver healthy babies, so that’s somewhat and oddly comforting.

I really wish this wasn’t stressing me out but honestly the whole thing is stressing me out and I can’t control it. What is wrong with my baby? Is it going to be okay? It’s getting to Aidan too and we have been silently bickering (if that makes sense) for a while now. I’m not really sure if it is because of this or if we are just annoyed with one another lately. Probably a bit of both. And this not knowing isn’t helping at all. Sigh. This really sucks.



10 thoughts on “Not the News We Were Hoping For

  1. Of course I had to immediately look up the definition, etc of echogenic bowel as I had not heard of it before now. From what I read (online, mind you, so no guarantee of accuracy), you have every reason to be hopeful that this disappears before your babe enters the world. Lots of info about this marker showing up more and more, possibly because of the highly sensitive sophisticated equipment that is now used for ultrasound imaging. But that doesn’t help you at three in the morning, does it?

    Thinking of you and I’m sure all of your readers will be celebrating with you when you deliver your healthy baby! Until then, try to not worry too much about things over which you have no control–I speak from experience here when I say that worry doesn’t change anything except how you are feeling. Take care, Ginger, and keep us posted. Hugs.


    1. We are so hoping that you are right and at first we were thinking it was because of the advanced technology. Now after the second reading we are hoping it clears up on it’s own. You are right to say that there is a good chance everything will be okay, especially considering that all of our extensive testing came back negative for gentetic problems and infections. What we seem to be facing now are the chances of intrauterine growth restriction (which means the baby would stop growing at a healthy rate) or an obstructed bowel (which would mean surgery) or something that will clear on it’s own. We are definitely hoping for the latter! If it’s IUGR chances are I will just have to deliver early and the baby will just need to spend time in their care growing and getting healthy, if it needs surgery we will get through it and if it clears on it’s own we will be over joyed! In any case, though not ideal, we will get through it and I just need to keep that in the front of my mind.
      You are so right to not to tell me to worry and I’ll keep trying not to, there really is no point but will put more stress on the baby and my relationships around me.
      Thanks for the hugs, I needed them :)

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  2. So sorry you have to worry about this, when all you want to do is nurture your baby and continue making your house a nicer home for your growing family. Your daily projects are an inspiration, and I hope you can put your mind at easy as best you can until it’s time to welcome a healthy, happy baby into your life.


    1. Thank you for saying those nice things, you really are sweet. I hope that I can relax my mind, too; it’s my own worst enemy! This pregnancy sure has tested me since the beginning, now that there are only 14 weeks left I hope it will all turn around. If it doesn’t we will roll with the punches but it sure would be nice to hear we don’t have to worry anymore the next time we go back. Have a great day and thanks again.


  3. Hang in there, Ginger. I think that ultrasounds have gotten so clear that a lot of things show up that are just something happening in the course of development or something. So much is seen and then a healthy baby results. Take good care of yourself!

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