A Potential Job Opportunity

Good morning, happy Sunday! I started a post about the desk yesterday but got distracted and never got back to finishing it, I don’t know that I liked where it was going so I’ll try to fix it and post it sometime soon. In the meantime it’s after 8am and I slept late again. It’s nice to realize that I’ll be able to sleep in for another week before spring break ends for the kids :) I don’t really like sleeping late but sometimes it is nice, especially when I wake up in the middle of the night and can’t fall back asleep for a while.

Yesterday we had a nice relaxing day. The only thing we really accomplished was getting Aidan’s taxes done, but that was an important thing so it’s all good. He actually made out very well and it was nice to get good news. While we were there the woman doing the taxes recruited me to work for H&R Block next year. That was pretty awesome! I know quite a bit about taxes and she was impressed with what I knew so she suggested I signed up for their fall training courses and then work for them. It’s a part-time position that runs from January thru April and she said the first two years wouldn’t be more than minimum wage but after that the pay is really good. I think I should go for it. Any money I can contribute to the household is good money and I really do like accounting/tax work. In my previous job I did a little of both and enjoyed it aside from liking it from a personal stand point. So, if I can figure out babysitting for two little ones I am doing it :) She said the hours are very flexible so fingers crossed, okay?

I was just going to take “off” for the day yesterday but the kitchen was really bothering me. There where a lot of things that needed to be put away into the pantry and the washer needed to be run and a few pots and pans needed to be scrubbed. I was just going to do it in the morning but it was really bothering me so I did it right before bed am I’m so glad I did. Yeah, I was super tired but now I don’t have to fuss with all that before I clean the floors and appliances today. I also have a little bit of laundry to do and a bathroom to clean but then my work will be done today :)

I’m creeping up on 100 posts! I’ll hit it this week and I want to write something fun for that but we will see. I just can’t believe that I have done so well with writing often even with the days I miss here and there! This is definitely the most dedicated that I have ever been to writing and I hope I don’t lose the motivation! Well, have a great day doing whatever it is you do!


2 thoughts on “A Potential Job Opportunity

    1. Thanks! It felt great to be recognized for something I can be good at :) I posted my 100th post this morning without remembering it was the 100th and wasted it on being miserable. Life’s like that sometimes I suppose lol


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