Much Needed Fun and Quality Time

Marshal and I went to the party our therapists were having last night at Color Me Mine and I have to tell you it was just so much fun. It’s not often that me and my 15 year old son get to do fun activities together and I really enjoyed the one on one time. When we first got there we ate dinner and were told we could paint any of the pieces we’d like. Our therapist suggested that we paint a piece together and then paint whatever we liked after that. We decided to paint two together: a monster bank for Henry and a coffee mug for Regina.

I think it was nice that we both thought of the other two kids (we both said it at the same time) even though they weren’t there. Picking out the pieces together was fun too and we both fully agreed on each decision. It was great working together and being able to brainstorm on how we would paint each piece. We had differences in opinion during that stage but compromised with each other and both ended up really happy with the results. After we finished those two up we each worked on a piece alone. Marshal painted a lidded box and I chose a trivet. Ours didn’t turn out as well as Regina and Henry’s did but that was fine by us because we wanted the gifts to look the best.

We were there for over three hours and really got along so well. We had quite a few laughs but were able to just talk, too. I’m so glad that we went, it was really good for us to not only have the alone time but also to work as a team. Marshal kept saying how relaxing it was and he was right! There wasn’t any pressure and it wasn’t a competition, just us and other families working together and side by side doing something creative and fun. I feel really lucky that we had the opportunity to go to the event and I’m really thankful to our therapists once again.

I’ll post the pictures of our creations when we get them back next week — prepare to be amazed! ;)

Have you ever been to a pottery painting shop like Color Me Mine? Have you taken your kids or went with a friend? Did you find it as enjoyable as we did? If not and you are looking for something fun and creative to do I suggest you check it out!



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