This Week is Going By So Slow

Last Night Was Hellish
Henry woke up around 2:00am and couldn’t get himself back to sleep. There was a lot of tossing and crying and it lasted for well over an hour. He kept trying to lay on my face which of course was uncomfortable and after 45 minutes of being tortured I got up to get him a cup of water. He did this new cry that he’s been working on (it sounds an awful lot like a fire engine siren) until I returned and propped him between my arm and neck. Finally he fell asleep but poor Aidan stayed awake for the rest of the night. As in the whole night. When I came downstairs at 6:20am he was sitting on the couch with his Kindle. Poor man. He has work today and I feel terrible that he wasn’t able to fall back asleep like I did.

Color Me Mine
This evening Marshal and I are going to a pottery painting place called Color Me Mine. Our therapists’ company rented out the place and will be providing dinner for it’s clients to paint pottery and have a fun night out. It is for the whole family but Marshal and I rarely get to spend any time alone together so we are the ones who are going. Regina seemed to feel some type of way about it and I do feel bad for not taking her also but I really do need to spend one on one time with Marshal. While I’m there I will ask about the rates and see if I can’t take her one night for our own one on one time.

New Curtains for Living Room
Yesterday my curtain panels arrived for the living room. I was so excited to see how they would look that I removed one of the old panels and hung a new one. Unfortunately, one of the screws from the pole bracket became loose and I decided it would be best not to hang the other one. It looks super fancy right now :) We were planning on moving the rod down anyway because the plaster is in bad shape and just keeps crumbling over time. I am impatient though and want the new panels up right away — even though I haven’t painted or moved the rod or steamed the panels. lol. The good news is that the panels look even better than I thought they would! They are plain flax colored linen panels but they seriously look so nice against the grey sofa. I think it’s going to look great once the room is painted. I have the same panels in my dining room and I knew they would work but I was surprised at just how well they work :)

List Started
I started the list of all of the things that I needed to do. It’s three (short) pages long and you might think I’d feel more overwhelmed looking at it, but honestly I feel relieved. My anxiety flew out of the window once I had everything written out. I didn’t give myself a time frame to get it all done which may be a mistake.. Maybe I’ll aim for two weeks. Okay I will aim for two weeks, just so I’m accountable. I knocked a few things off right away because I wanted to get them done and started with what I had been avoiding the longest.. the paperwork :) it felt good to finally get those out of the way! All together I got 8 items done yesterday so it was a success. I highlighted the most important things and only focused on them. I still have 3 that are highlighted but not crossed off so I’ll work on them today and pick a few more to highlight.

Well that wraps this post up. I started it at 7:00 this morning but Henry woke up and wouldn’t let me put him down without crying. I know he isn’t feeling well but this is getting ridiculous! I really hope today is the last of it. He is sleeping now so I’m just going to tip toe around him and try to get some more things crossed off my list. I hope you have a happy day :)


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