Uneasy Feelings: What am I Forgetting?

Yesterday I didn’t do any of the things I had really wanted to do. Henry is still fighting his sickness and it led to him clinging all over me for most of the morning or crying his eyes out if I put him down for a second. It was exhausting and when he finally fell asleep on me at 11:30am I was so afraid to move that I just sat there holding him for a while. When I couldn’t take the discomfort of a 25 pound baby laying on my pregnant self I built up the nerve to lay him down beside me but was so afraid I’d wake him up that I just sat right next to him for almost two hours.

Once I picked Regina up from school he was in a better mood and I brought him into her therapy appointment where I could talk to the therapist for a few minutes and then he could play with the toys in the waiting room while she finished her session. He enjoyed playing with the toys and was pretty happy for an hour before we returned to the car and he turned back into a grump. I was mentally exhausted, frustrated and not feeling well because of it all so I skipped the market and definitely didn’t try to sell my clothes and shoes.

I’m hoping today he will be feeling more like himself but of course now Marshall is home from school for not feeling well. I feel like I am so far behind on doing what needs to be done, and really it’s not that much, but the feeling is overwhelming. Am I forgetting something that is nagging me deep down? I really feel disorganized and even though I am pretty sure about what I need to do it feels like there is something more. I hate this feeling and usually only get it when I am procrastinating.

I think I’ll make a list today. I haven’t made one in a while and once I get everything on there that I need to and want to get done I’ll feel better about where I stand. It’s good to check things off and no matter how long the list might be I’ll feel better for knowing. So, I’ll do that now. I hope you are having more peaceful thoughts than I am and that your day will be as productive as I am hoping mine will be.



3 thoughts on “Uneasy Feelings: What am I Forgetting?

  1. I am still in bed sick, ugh. Had a terrible night, didn’t sleep. Low grade fever and my daughter was just so terrible to me that I couldn’t sleep. You do your best as a mom and your adult children treat you like crap. Their generation is one of entitlement. They think they can do whatever they want and say whatever they want. Oh I’m just dumping on you. I shouldn’t but read my blog about Matthew. Some of my kids are doing good :) I think I’ll just try and sleep too. Be glad those kids are still young.

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      1. No I’m sitting in the doctors office right now… Still 100.8, ughh As far as me and the daughter working things out, never going to happen.. Don’t even know her anymore😭😭


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