What’s Happening

I really don’t like when I miss a day of writing for two reasons, the first is that it messes up my little calendar I have in my sidebar that shows what days I’ve posted and the second is that I feel like I haven’t written in a super long time and that I’ve missed something. Strange ways to feel, but they are true.

Belgian Waffles
Yesterday I slept until 8am when Henry actually woke me up. I thought I’d have a chance later in the day but that didn’t really happen. We watched an early movie which turned out to be a really long one and then I started to make Belgian waffles for everyone but the recipe always takes so long. From 11-2pm I was making and then eating waffles. I messed up the first batch because the recipe is complicated to follow, so I had to start over but (of course) needed more eggs to do that. Aidan ran to the store for me while I worked on the other parts of the recipe but I was still agitated. I really need to re-write the recipe in a way that will make better sense to follow along because this wasn’t the first time I messed it up. In the end they were good though and life went on.

House of Cards
After our breakfast turned lunch I did a little cleaning and watched a few episodes of House of Cards. Does anyone else watch that? It’s really good and I can’t get enough of it. I started watching it about 3 weeks ago and just entered the third season yesterday. That Frank Underwater sure is a fucked up guy, but you can’t hate him, it’s near impossible. If you have Netflix check it out it’s good. The first episode was a little slow but it got really good from there.

A slacker with a broken brain
I didn’t do any of the work on the living room that I had planned to do and the sad thing is that I had the time. Just not the brain power or energy. Aidan ended up taking Henry to visit his family on Saturday but I just couldn’t get my mind together and did regular cleaning instead. I’m still beating myself up for not getting anything done that I wanted to but with the way I was functioning I am glad I got anything done. Case in point: I made chili in the crock pot for dinner but forgot to plug the stupid thing in. I didn’t notice it wasn’t heating until 2 hours later and it ruined our plans for dinner because it was to cook for 6 hours on high, which I had already started late. It wasn’t done until 9:30pm so we just had burgers and saved the chili for yesterday. It was good chili though so when we finally did get to eat it for dinner last night I was reassured that I wasn’t the biggest jackass in the world :)

Today I’ll be taking Regina to therapy right after school and and afterwards we are swinging by Giant to pick up deli roast beef and cheese for these sandwiches she’s been asking me to make for a while now. They are just melts with horseradish sauce, A-1, roast beef, and cheese that get broiled on a bun. The sandwiches are really quick to put together and everyone likes them so that makes dinner easy. She and her boyfriend made up and she is feeling much better now. She never told me why they broke up and I’m not one to pry so your guess is as good as mine. I did ask if cheated on her (she broke up with him) and she said no, so that makes me feel a little better but I still wonder. I hope this won’t turn into a roller coaster for them but chances are it might. Only time will tell, I suppose.

Errands and avoidance
I have a few quick errands to run today and some paperwork to fill out that I’ve been avoiding for a while. I don’t know what my deal is with avoiding paperwork, but I seem to do it all the time. It’s not that I ever have anything that takes long or is complicated, I just avoid doing it. Then it just stares at me saying “fill me out” and I get anxious. Weird. Last week I purged some clothes and shoes that I’d like to try selling at the consignment shop. Maybe I’ll take them with me when I take Regina to her appointment today. Otherwise they will just sit around until I get sick of them and just donate, but why not try to make a few bucks, right?

Anxious about the ultra sound
We have our ultra sound coming up in one week from today and I’m getting more and more nervous about it. I really hope the issue cleared up and that the baby is growing. Judging by the size of my belly it is growing but without a doctor confirming it there is no way to know. One week to go. Sigh. I wish things weren’t always so like this. We are lucky for so many other things though and I’m trying to focus on them instead of feeling down about this.

Well, have a great day! The kids start spring break after this week, have your kids started theirs yet? Have you done anything fun or have any fun plans for one that is upcoming? I haven’t planned anything but I think I should!


9 thoughts on “What’s Happening

  1. Okay my lady!!! Think positive, your baby is doing great and it growing strong!!! EVerything is okay!!! Bug Hugs!!!! Paperwork sucks!!! especially when you are pregnant and really would love to just sit all day and watch tv, for only a little bit…nine months is not too long, right? lol. if it helps you any, my brain is still broken, so you are not alone!

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      1. Totally understand, I’ve taken a mini break here…I am so oddly tired and emotional, people are asking me if I am pregnant. And that, the only emotion I have been showing is being quiet because I am so tired. Lol

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  2. I love House Of Cards! I’ve watched all three seasons and am now going through them again with my son, who watched season three with me and then wanted to catch up with the first two seasons he missed…love the show–hate almost all the characters–but love the acting! Does that make sense? Frank Underwood (giggled that you call him Frank Underwater…hehehe), is the epitome of what I think sleazy politicians are like, and Robin Wright (still think of her as Princess Buttercup), is perfectly evil in a cold, calculating way that suits her character to a tee…the writing for the show is fantastic and the pace moves along briskly, weaving multiple story lines into great episodes. Have you tried watching the British version of it on Netflix? I’ve tried but didn’t get drawn in to it the same way…hmmm…may have to give it another try once I finish my reruns.

    Happy Monday and I hope you have an awesome week ahead of you!

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    1. I haven’t tried watching the British version, I didn’t even realize there was one! I’ll check it out when I’m finished with this series! I chuckled when you said I wrote Underwater lol spell check doesn’t work too well ;) I do love the show and it’s great that you have someone to watch it with! Aidan doesn’t know what’s going on in it and doesn’t like it as much as I do so I’ll just have to gossip about it with you lol


  3. OMG well I am sick in bed today, ugh… I can’t believe it. Woke up this morning with 100.8 fever. Thank you, husband that I was taking care of all weekend. I was going to write on Matthew, my 3rd son today. He is just doing so well in his career, but it will have to wait till I’m feeling better. Everything sounds so normal in your world, which is a great thing. Don’t borrow troubles.

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  4. I totally get it – I took a little break the last week and a half because “real life” got in the way and I really did feel like something was missing since I was sort of consistent (consistent for me, at least!) Anyway, HoC is a really crazy show – I need to start season 3, but first I need to finish Being Mary Jane and Empire. :) Too many show addictions. Still sending happy thoughts about the ultrasound!! xxo

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    1. I’ve seen a lot of people talking about both Being Mary Jane and Empire so I’ll probably move on to them next. I’m really looking forward to Orange is the New Black but that isn’t until June! I’m almost half way thru season 3 of HoC. I wish I could binge and finish it up but I guess it’s okay to take it slow lol


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