More Sickness, A Little Heartache and Some Joy

This morning I spend my writing time reading and commenting on the blogs I follow on WordPress. It’s nice to be able to see everyone’s sites on the computer instead of from my phone, I just love looking at all of the different ways people have their blogs set up and the themes they use.

Today Aidan was planning on taking Henry for a visit at his parents house, but the baby came down with a fever yesterday and still felt warm this morning. I know he caught a bug at the park yesterday and it reminds me of why I shy away from public places. Aidan said it will build up his immune system, plus I know it’s good for him to get out and meet other kids, but damn I hate when germs get involved :(

I wanted to start the living room today by finishing up what patching and sanding that I could, and maybe I still can but honestly I was hoping to start on some priming, too. With Henry most likely being here that won’t happen. Sigh.

Regina is going through her first break up and I feel terrible for her. I hope they work it out, but chances are that if they do it will eventually happen again a short time from now. That’s how young love works at 16, right? Breaking up is hard no matter what age when it’s a serious relationship. I wish I could make it not happen for her but I can’t, no mother can, we all go through it eventually.

In other, happier news, we were able to order the desk yesterday, despite the snow!! Woo-hoo! I am so super excited to get this desk, which will be ready for pick up sometime next week! I brought home the chair yesterday but put it in my room because I’m waiting for the whole set to be here before I put anything out. I plan on picking up a sheepskin from IKEA to put on the seat just to make it a little more comfy (it’s a side chair not an office chair) and I know it will break up the darkness of the desk that I’ve been worried about.

Well, I hear that Henry has woken up so I better go, have a great weekend!


9 thoughts on “More Sickness, A Little Heartache and Some Joy

  1. I too shy away from public places…a few years ago we had a road trip before Christmas and uncharacteristically stopped for McD’s and playtime in one of those indoor play gyms…Christmas was spent with hand/mouth disease for the little ones. It was awful, so I understand your reluctance!

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    1. Don’t get me started! My oldest kids went to Chuckie Cheese three times in their lives and got horribly sick each time! Of course I was the “mean” mom for refusing to let them go anymore but at least they weren’t throwing up and fevering after 2 hours of fun anymore!

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  2. The husband is sick here too. I had it first, but I did some major juicing and fought it off. So this weekend will be juicing and resting for him and watching the Hawks. We might take a ride out to the cemetery, still not sure about that. Get everyone better. Have a good weekend. I love new desks. I have 3 different desks. My writing/journaling desk in my room. My operating/bill paying desk in the kitchen and my computer/blogging desk in the living room !!! I think I’m a little nuts, but I <3 them all. Have a great weekend :)

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    1. I hope you have a really nice weekend, too. Maybe you can get some flowers to put on one of your desks, they sure would be cheery and perfect to get you through this weekend :) I hope your hubby feels better soon!


      1. Flower’s sound good. This has been a very healing experience for me. This is the first time I have ever written about it. I have an envelope with all of his stuff in it. It’s been downstair for all this time and I never look at it. Today I have decided to go look at it. His bracelet and blanket. Some of his hair and his foot prints. A mother never forgets <3 Thanks for all your hugs…

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