“Before I Go..” Said the Longest Winter Ever

As of 6:45pm tonight it will officially be the spring season but winter is not going out with a fight! There is a small snow storm headed our way which will wrap up just around 7pm and I can’t help but feel like it is winter trying it’s hardest not to leave for the year.

Depending on which weather channel or report you read they are calling for anywhere between 1-4 inches and in some places up to 6. Unfortunately¬† I made plans to go out this morning and have to drive to King of Prussia which is west and where they are expecting heavier amounts. I hate driving in the snow! Every weather forecast has their own opinions on how the roads will be also so that is giving me some anxiety. I really don’t want to cancel my plans though so I am going to be a big girl and hope for the best.

Tomorrow the weather is going to be really nice and hopefully there won’t be any snow on the ground, but if there is it won’t last long because at 52 degrees it will quickly melt.

I guess I was wrong and a little too hopeful a few weeks ago when I said I doubted there would be anymore snow this season. Oh well, hopefully this will be one of the wrong forecasts and we will just see rain? In any case.. Spring starts tonight! Hurray for flowers and sun and pretty green grass!


10 thoughts on ““Before I Go..” Said the Longest Winter Ever

  1. Yeah, I gave up on spring for this month, to be honest with you. It’s taking it’s sweet time to come around. We’ve only had a few “warmish” days, tainted by very cold days and nights right after. I have not yet packed my winter coat away. Perhaps April will be more promising…

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