What Got the Ball Rolling: New Desk

Yesterday I mentioned that I’ll begin the process of painting my living room, stairway and upstairs hallway and noted that I’d share the reason I finally decided to get moving on this long avoided (but much needed) project. Do you remember last week when I said we were going through a bout of bad luck? Well, one of the things that had happened was the desk drawer broke, fell out, landed on Marshall’s foot, and then broke some more. It seems though since then our luck has turned around for the better!

Our therapists were here when the desk broke and offered to help out with the cost of a new desk. I have a hard time when it comes to accepting help so I shied away from the question and told her I would talk to Aidan about it. The next time they came back it they mentioned it again this time to Aidan who said, “Sure, I won’t turn away extra help.”  I was thrilled that he gave the go ahead and when they gave me a generous budget of $300 to find something that I liked.

I already had a desk in mind from Crate and Barrel that I had seen before but knew it would be rather pricy so I figured I’d check CB2, Ikea, and Target because they usually offer more affordable and similar options. Since I already had a desk I was in love with, I’d use it as inspiration and base my search on the vision but keeping in mind what would fit within my budget. The only requirements I needed the desk to meet were that it looked nice and also had a filing cabinet or drawer.

Below is the picture of the desk at Crate and Barrel that I was basing my search on. I actually love the entire set up of this area and the desk itself was within my budget but it would require us to purchase the filing cabinet separately because the cost would put us over the $300. Even though Aidan gave me the thumbs up to order it, saying  he would cover the balance (because this man truly does what he can to make me happy) I didn’t want to get it because I knew his car repair last week was a whopping $1,000. I didn’t want to add more debt to the bottom line!

So I scooted over to CB2 where I had also previously seen a similar set that I liked. The set up is identical but unfortunately the desk and cart are both on wheels, which would be a little too casual for the living room. Also the  exposed screw holes really stand out and this will be right in the living room so it would bother me to see them everyday when I’m in there. While it’s a really great less-expensive version ($200 less) it wasn’t going to work for me so my search continued.

The next desk I found really isn’t what I was looking for but it has it’s similarities. This is the Hemnes desk by Ikea in white. It has the storage I am looking for (plus some) and I’ve had other items in the Hemnes series that I was happy with in the past. It fell right under the $300 mark and though it isn’t my dream desk it would work just fine. I sent Aidan the picture and let him know what I would be getting, I could almost feel a sigh of relief fall over him when I said we wouldn’t be spending any money :)


Unfortunately, I didn’t look at the measurements of the desk until a few days later when I decided to measure it out to get an idea of how it would look in the space. Thank goodness I did because the desk is over 5 feet long, which is way too big for my space! I felt defeated at first but thought I’d tape it out and see if I could still make it work.

When our therapists arrived later that day and asked if I had a chance to find a desk I told them about the one at Ikea and the price, but also of my concerns. The main therapist informed me that the price was absolutely fine as she had just been told to spend more money on us because we were nowhere near the amount they usually spend on families while they are in the program. She told me the sky was the limit! So, surprisingly I spoke up and told her about the Crate and Barrel desk and filing cabinet I had really wanted. She gave me the thumbs up and, get this, told me to pick out a chair! They want to spend money on us, need to even! Oh happy day!!

So we made plans to meet at Crate and Barrel this Friday to check it out in person and place the order and I was reminded to find a chair in the meantime. Of course right after they left I went on a search for the chair in the picture, since I really love the whole set up. I’m going for it! The only issue I came across was the fact that all of my other furniture and house accents are done in black iron. This includes the fans, light switch covers, curtain hardware, book shelves, dining room set, and fireplace. Everything. I looked at the black option offered for the desk and really like it but was worried it would feel too dark.

I really, really love the white but I don’t want it to clash with what I have and love already. The white would probably drive me crazy because it wouldn’t look right and ultimately make me regret getting it. So, while I was going nuts trying to decide on what to do, I did something abnormal (for me) and asked everyone for their opinions. I asked Aidan, the big kids, and my best friend and they all agreed.. I should get the black, so I’m going for it!

I’m seriously so grateful and feel so lucky for the company we get therapy through. It’s been a long hard journey but they have helped tremendously and now this. I couldn’t feel any more lucky than to have this chance happen because things like this don’t happen to me!

Anyway, the new desk and chair is the reason behind me wanting to get everything painted. The whole room will feel so much better and with the amount of time I spend in there and especially how much more when the baby comes I want to love it instead of hate it. I’m really excited to get it started and then completed :) I even had super good luck yesterday ordering new window panels but I’ll talk about that later!


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