What I Am Really Excited to Start This Weekend

My living room walls desperately need to be painted. They haven’t seen a new coat of paint since I bought this place, close to 11 years ago, and even though the color that is in there isn’t all that terrible it is really in bad shape. I’ve patched the walls from all the things hung over the years and the cracks that have appeared in the hundred year old plaster but unfortunately the touch up paint was tossed when we had the fire last winter. Aside from not having the touch up paint I am ready for something new and refreshed.

So far I’ve painted the other two rooms on the main floor and chose light colors, which I’ve been very happy with. In the kitchen I went with Passive Gray by Sherwin Williams. This is the card I found online passivebut in real life it has a pale blue look. It really is a beautiful color. Our kitchen used to be a burgundy red so the switch from such a dark color to such a light one really made a big difference in the feel of the room. I love greys because they are neutral. Also you can get it in so many different shades and undertones that they appear differently throughout the day.

In the dining room, I didn’t want another shade of grey but did want a light color with black undertones so the rooms would compliment each other. For this room Aidan chose Papalepowderle Powder by Farrow and Ball and I had it mixed at Sherwin Williams. I have to tell you I love this color. Like the Passive, it really looks blue for most of the day, but in the night or when it’s a gloomy day and the lights are on it’s a pale green color. Sometimes it even looks exactly the same as the kitchen believe it or not. It truly is a great color.

For the living room I want something a little darker because it will need to run all the way up the stairs and through the hallway up stairs. The stair well and the walls lightblueare major finger print magnets, especially with little ones so I’d like to hide them as much as I can. While I want it to be a little darker I really don’t want it too dark. I’d like it to still be light and bright in here so it’s been a tough decision to make. I’ve finally settled on a color though and I think it will be perfect! I’ve decided to go just a few shades lighter than the Pale Powder and I’ll have Light Blue by Farrow and Ball mixed at Sherwin Williams sometime soon!

Though the two look almost identical above, there really is a difference on the sample cards and the photos I found on F&B’s website:

I’m super excited to get this project done, but unfortunately it will be at least a month (or more likely two months) before it would be done even if I start right away. Why so long? Well, I have Henry here and I can’t do anything while he’s awake. Also there are still some areas that need repair and then I’ll need to prime it before I can paint. It’s the largest continuous area in our house because of it running up the steps which is also why I haven’t pulled the trigger sooner.

Aidan can take Henry out for a few hours during the weekend, but unless I work over night a few nights (not gonna happen) that leaves me with only a few hours each weekend to get things done. In any case, I’d like to start this weekend and the goal will be to get it all finished by Henry’s birthday, June 9th :) If I can get it sone on time or ahead of schedule I will focus on doing all of the woodwork until I’m too big to work or the baby arrives!

Yay for making decisions! Yay for making a plan! I’m really excited and I’ll talk more about what got me motivated in the next few days :)


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