Being Rewarded for Overcoming Fears

Yesterday I finally got around to washing the slip covers on my sofa, for the first time since we bought the sofa about a year ago. Let me clarify — not got around to but worked up the nerve to. I was seriously terrified that the linen-cotton blend super expensive covers would fall apart after washing them so I put it off for much longer than I had wanted to. I’m happy (delighted even) to say that they washed and dried beautifully. No falling apart, very minimal fading and zero shrinking. They now look brand new and smell like Downy freshness! Hurray!

Next up to have cleaned and fret over are our area rugs. I want to get them professionally done but again, I am worried they will be ruined in the process. I have four wool rugs that were fairly expensive and that I obviously don’t want ruined as I love them all. Have you had area rugs professionally cleaned? If so, how did they turn out and did it cost an arm and a leg? I have no idea on pricing and I’d imagine that the pro’s would know how to clean them without damaging the shape or texture but still I worry, because that’s what I do.

The last thing on my worrisome spring cleaning list is giving my hardwoods a good cleaning. I vacuum every other day and spot clean where I need to but they need a good clean and polish. We had the whole house’s pine floors repaired and restored last year and it cost over $6,000. I want to make sure that I won’t ruin the finish and while they sent over cleaning instructions they aren’t very detailed, it’s more of what not to use than what can be used. I guess I could call them and ask.. I’m interested in the Bona line but what a blessing before pulling the trigger.

Yesterday I made really delicious banana bread while I was waiting for the last of the slip covers to dry. Oh my goodness it was so yummy. Surprisingly I have never made it before and I really wish I had done it sooner. Henry loved it and kept sating “Yum, mmm, more!” I think he enjoyed it more than I did and I can’t even tell you how good it was. I used this recipe and didn’t change a thing. Oh a little cream cheese smeared on a slice, dee-lish!

Well I hear Henry up and about so I better go check things out. Have a great day :)



5 thoughts on “Being Rewarded for Overcoming Fears

  1. I can’t say too much about the cost of getting carpets cleaned as we have only ever rented one of the big cleaners and done our large surface carpets ourselves. My husband is very meticulous and did a really good job on them. We haven’t tried one on our area rugs though as they are all quite new.

    Have you thought about buying a steamer for your wood floors? Something like this:

    we have one and use it once a week on our wood floors and it’s amazing. It warms up and you just go slowly over the entire floor surface (after vacuuming of course) and it can really shine up and clean the floors. If you do it regularly enough then you might be not feel the need to hire people to come in and clean/shine the floors for you. Sometimes my husband puts some specific wood surface cleaner in with the water and it really gets things looking shiny.

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    1. I actually have a shark that I use on our ceramic floors but have been nervous about using it on the wood. I was also thinking of just steaming the carpets with it using the adapter.. Have you tried that? I’ll read a little more into it and re-read the floor guys instructions because I thought it said not to use steam but I could be wrong! Thanks for your advice and let me know if you have tried it on the carpets :)


  2. I’d definitely recommend a steamer. The Shark one works well. Also, the Bona line of products is supposedly the best for hardwood. I’ve used it before and never had a problem with it damaging finish.

    Once, I made the mistake of polishing my wood floors. They looked BEAUTIFUL but every time I walked in my socks, I nearly slipped and died.

    Best of luck with all of your projects! I can’t wait to hear how they turn out.

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    1. That reminds me of a time when my high school best friends dad polished his floors lol! He warned us but there was no way to be prepared for the wooden ice rink under our feet! lol I had forgotten all about that :) I’ll stay away from polish! Thanks for the recommendations :)

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