Planning on the Park Today

It’s supposed to be pretty nice out today, around 60 degrees and partly sunny so I am going to take Henry to the park for some swinging and climbing and sliding. He loves being outside and if I can keep him away from the sandbox for a little while he will get some good exercise. He fell asleep at 6:30 last night and hasn’t woken up yet, I think he’s going through a growth spurt and exercise will be good for that, too.

He’s getting into his terrible two’s and has started throwing little tantrums when he wants to get into something that he isn’t allowed to play with. Recently his favorite word has been no and while it can be pretty funny I’ve told everyone not to laugh at him when he says it. It is cute the way he pronounces it and when he responds to random questions with “NOU!” but I don’t want him thinking it’s the best answer for everything.

Yesterday we picked Marshall up from his friends, then Aidan ran into the two stores to return the items we didn’t want before we all went out to lunch. It was a short but quick outing but because Henry fell asleep in the car on the ride he didn’t get to walk around the mall and get the exercise I wanted him to get. That’s why I really need to take him to the park today, I hope the weather forecast is right!

When we got home from the restaurant yesterday Aidan noticed the crocuses I had planted in the fall were starting to pop up from the ground. I can’t even tell you how happy that made me :) I mentioned a few times already that I wasn’t sure if anything would come up because of the squirrels digging around right after I planted the bulbs, but it looks like they didn’t get them all. I’m not sure when we will see flowers but I’m sure it won’t be long now! So exciting!

Tomorrow is St. Patty’s day and I’ll be making Rubens and fries to celebrate. I’m over half Irish but hate the traditional corned beef, cabbage and boiled potatoes that my mother always makes for the holiday. Since I don’t like to torture my family the way my mom seems to I’m going the more modern route with the menu. Every one loves Rubens here and even though we had them last month they were all happy when I said we’d be having them again.

I have 2 weeks until my next fetal scan and for some reason I kept thinking it was 3 weeks away. This month is throwing me off for some reason, probably because I am anxious about the scan. Also it could be that there are 5 weeks this month and I think that is throwing me off? I’m not sure.

Well, happy Monday. Bleh, but at least it’s a day closer to steady warm weather right?

One thought on “Planning on the Park Today

  1. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!! (Tomorrow) I know that stage. My little guy is still going through it, but he says, “I don’t want to”, lol it drives me bonkers. I wish you luck and patience :)

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