Too Much TV and Too Many Cookies

Yesterday was nice and relaxing around here. It was pretty rainy all day and the big kids both had plans that carried into sleep-outs, so aside from the weather keeping things calm, their absences left it very quiet in here. Aidan and I didn’t do much more than a lot of tv watching, video game playing, and a little cleaning. Henry was kind of bored admittedly but we are going out today so he will enjoy that. We have a few errands to run including a trip to the mall so Henry will be able to walk around a lot and get a good bit of exercise.

Last weekend when we went shopping for baby and maternity clothes I picked up a few tank tops without looking at the price. During the week when I was getting dressed I noticed the price tag said $45 for a tank top. Are you kidding me? I thought there was a sale on it so I checked the receipt and sure enough we were charge $45 — for a tank top. I was really angry that they would charge so much and also that I didn’t look at the price. Hell no, that is going back today, as well as another tank they charged me $30 for. $75 for some low quality tank tops? I think not. I’ll stop in Target and get two of them for $20 instead, thank you.

The other thing we need to return are a pair of jeans we got for Henry. They are skinny jeans. For a toddler. Interesting. He looks so goofy in them, like a little girl and it’s just no good. Hopefully they will have regular jeans but I seem to remember they were the only style offered? Oh well, again, there’s always Target.

I was looking through old photos on Facebook last night and jeeze it left me feeling depressed. Three years ago I was seriously so fit and thin. I looked great! After a pregnancy and a lot of crappy eating (and now another pregnancy) I am roughly 40 pounds heavier than I was 3 years ago. I really need to get back in shape, I felt so much better then, not mention how much better I looked. Of course, I know I am pregnant now so I can’t really “diet” but I sure can make better choices so I don’t gain too much more. So far I’ve gained 9 pounds in this pregnancy which isn’t bad but I don’t exercise or pay attention to what I’m eating. I think I need to get it together right away. The doctor gave me the green light for the eliptical, walking, and yoga and we have been researching the YMCA vs Planet Fitness. I need to do something soon though because every day that passes is a day I could be making changes.

I really don’t know what else to write about today so I am going to wrap it up now. I hope you enjoy this last day of the weekend. :)



3 thoughts on “Too Much TV and Too Many Cookies

  1. I always have the same issue with tank tops. Usually, old navy has them in the clearance section for $2.99. Also they may have something you like for the little guy also.

    I think planet fitness may be less than the YMCA, at least here in Buffalo. Best of luck! :)


  2. I was just going to echo the comment already about Old Navy. Right now I’m wearing a black tank top that I got from there for $8.99. It’s just as good as the ribbed style tank tops from maternity clothing stores, and has some nice gathering at the side so it will stretch with the expanding belly. I also got some cute basic t-shirts from Old Navy for cheap as well. I am going to be going back this week to buy more of the tank tops in different colours as they are so comfortable and cheap. Maternity clothing stores are a total rip off. I have found some nice things at them, but always from the sale racks. I have only bought one top full price because my husband wanted to buy me something pretty to wear to a dinner we had that night. So…yeah! Check out Old Navy!!

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    1. Thanks, I will :) I’ve had great luck with them in the past but haven’t been there in a while :) I have been meaning to check it out and I will for sure now that you’ve both recommended them!


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