Quick Post

It seems they either changed the editor or my computer isn’t working correctly.. Has anyone else had trouble adding a new post in the new editor? Anyway this will be a quick post as my therapists will be here soon and I need to get dressed. I’m working on a tutorial post on how to add pictures with wrapped text and it’s taking a little longer than I’d hoped because I want to make sure it makes sense :) I’m hoping to get it finalized and up before the weekend is over so if it’s something you are interested in doing but aren’t sure how it’s done, keep your eyes open.

Yesterday at the OB my doctor told me all of my test results came back negative and that is a great thing! Also because I am not bleeding or cramping anymore she is even more positive that everything is going fine and the scan may have just been a fluke. She also comforted me by saying the same thing happened to another patient of hers recently and when they went back for the next scan the problem had resolved itself, so fingers crossed the same will happen to us.

Okay, well have a great day and again, keep your eyes open if you are curious about the text wrapping feature I like I utilized on my “The Family I Write About” page.


2 thoughts on “Quick Post

    1. I agree! I actually used it because it was always right there and got used to it but totally prefer the old one. The new one still isn’t even working correctly for me anyway so I guess that works out fine :)

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