I Got to Sleep Last Night and More Spring Planting Planning

Finally! I slept through the night last night, for the first time in weeks and boy did I wake up happy! Of course when my alarm went off I wanted to continue the party and hit snooze one too many times but I sure am glad that I didn’t wake up for a four hour stretch in the middle of sleep. Boy, that was great.

This morning I have an OB appointment and I’ll get to ask about the results of my blood work that was done a few weeks ago looking for infection which might have caused the echogenic bowel diagnosis. I’ll also be able to ask them for certain that I was tested for cystic fibrosis which could be another cause. I would like to say that I am not feeling nervous about the appointment since they haven’t called to say anything was wrong, but truth be told I am feeling anxious about it. I’m not sure how confident I am with these doctors because I have so many questions about what happened with Henry’s birth and such. I haven’t talked about those complications here because he is healthy and it was a while ago and not really worth getting into but there were a few causes for concern about my care during the end of my pregnancy and his birth.

Anyway, I hope I’ll come back here tomorrow with good news or no news :)

Yesterday I was able to clear off the porch and set the chairs and planters up as I had hoped. It was a nice day and will be again today though it won’t be as warm. I was really excited about getting out there and getting the work done and when I came inside I started screen shooting pictures on my phone for ideas on ways to fill my planters. I don’t really have a green thumb so I was leaning more towards simple no to low maintenance plants that have a lot of color. Of course I will be waiting 4-6 weeks to buy them because it’s still to cold but getting a plan in place will keep my momentum up and make it easier when it’s time to go buy plants! Here are some of the arrangements I am considering, all of the images came from Southern Living or BHG and if you click on the pictures they will get bigger so you can see the specific plants listed under each photo:

Most of these have violas, impatiens, and or petunias but all of them have more than one plant type and I think they would all make pretty pots. Most of them could also be arranged in the garden too and look nice! I don’t have any window planters but do have a railing one on my back step that I might arrange, too. I think most of these are spring and early summer plants so I’ll be able to switch it up again after they are done blooming! My planters vary in size but none are very large so it wouldn’t cost a billion dollars to fill them all up with a good variety.

Well, I’m going to shower and get ready for my appointment, I hope you have a nice day!


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