The Bad, The Good and The Exciting (to me)

Bad Luck
I’m hoping that this little wave of bad luck that has run through our house for the past week will be leaving us soon.They say bad luck runs in threes but I hope that’s not true!

On Sunday Aidan got a speeding ticket, an expensive one, that he is going to try to fight in court. He was avoiding an accident at the moment the police said he was speeding so he thinks it should be dropped or at least lowered. His bad luck continued last night when he was driving to meet a friend for dinner, hit a pothole and got a flat.

Marshall has had some bad luck too beginning with getting sick in the middle of the night. When his stomach acted up it ruined a not only his rug, but his sketch pad that he has been building his portfolio in and that was worse to lose than the rug. Poor kid, he had a lot of drawings in there that were really good and I do feel bad for him. After getting sick, later in the afternoon, he tried to get some drawing tools out of the desk in our living room and pulled on the drawer a little too hard which caused it to fall out of the desk and land on his foot. It’s a really heavy drawer and I know it hurt like hell.

Unexpected Expenses
As far as my bad luck goes, it seems I’ve been spared. I’ll (we’ll) just need to replace a few things that we weren’t planning on replacing: tires, a rug, and the desk. The desk has been broken for a while but now that it actually has hurt someone it has to go. Also the drawer completely busted when it fell, sooo… Aside from those things my car needs new breaks and Aidan’s is going to need a new clutch. Ka-ching. Unexpected crap always adds up quickly but I will say I am glad that nothing worse has happened to any of us.

Purging Again
I have got started on the purging again and finally cleared out Henry’s too small clothes. It’s amazing how much space I have now and I only was working on size 12-18 months. I’m pretty good about pulling things out at least once a season but not great at packing them up and putting them in the attic. I used a “Space Bag” again for this batch and I have to say I really like those things.

The same day that I packed up Henry’s old clothes I also went through Marshall’s room and did a huge clean out. I know I should have resisted and made him do it all himself but it was making me insane to have to navigate through the mess to get to the laundry room. I got a lot done and only worked for an hour. It made him really happy before he puked all over.

Plans for the day
Today I need to follow Aidan over to the car dealer so he can get his car fixed and I’m pretty sure he is taking my car to work. Thankfully I won’t need it today so that works out great. The weather is supposed to be really nice, I think close to 60 and they have changed it from rain all day to not rain. I’m hoping to catch a few minutes here and there throughout the day to work outside a little.

The porch
I want to clean of the porch and set the chairs up nicely out there. It’s not a lot of work to do and I think I can handle most (or all) of it today. I’ve got to move the shovel and salt into the shed and pack away the winter boots. It’ll still be a few weeks before I can buy and plant anything but just clearing off, sweeping, and setting up seating will feel good.

This year I plan on getting a few Boston ferns to hang from the rafters. A neighbor across the street (who recently moved) had them on her porch last year and they looked great so I am copying her idea! I saw a nice cobalt blue indoor/outdoor rug at Target the other day for $50 and I can’t stop thinking about it. I’m going to measure the space and go get it if it will fit correctly! I have really cute planters that I picked up at Target last year that I can set them back up on the steps again. I got a lot of (2 haha)  compliments on them and hope to make them look even nicer this year. Even though they are only holding the dead plants from last year, it’ll bring some much needed color to our house and give me time figure out what to plant in them for the spring.

I also have replacement light bulbs for the porch light to put in and really need to start looking for new house numbers and a mail box. I took the numbers down in the fall when we had the brick pointed and it’s time to get moving on that :) Yay, I really am very excited to be able to use that space again! I like to take Henry out there in the afternoons to wait for the big kids and Aidan to get home from work. He loves being out there and everyone is always so happy to see him.

Well, now that I’ve rambled forever I guess I’d better get going. I hope you have a really nice day!


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