Sickness and Sleeplessness

Ugh! I thought we were over all the sickness here but I was wrong :( My oldest son got sick so bad last night that I don’t think I can even salvage one of his area rugs. I’m going to have to throw it out and I hope it won’t make me sick in the process. I feel bad that I didn’t believe him yesterday when he said he wasn’t feeling well because he pulls that card sometimes but boy did I find out he was telling the truth. Poor kid. At least the rug wasn’t very expensive, I can replace it without it killing my pockets but seriously — the thought of even rolling it up makes me queasy.

As for me, I didn’t get much sleep at all last night. I woke up at two and didn’t fall back asleep until about 5:30am. My alarm goes off at 6, so that really sucks. I’m happy to say I got a ton of housework done Sunday and yesterday so the only thing I’ll have to worry about today is that carpet and taking care of the boys. I should try to go back to sleep now but I’ve had a cup of coffee and don’t know how that will turn out for me.

I need a good nights sleep. I can’t function like this and it’s really become annoying and obviously tiresome. I hope you will have a better day than I anticipate mine being!


8 thoughts on “Sickness and Sleeplessness

  1. Oh I feel so bad for you !!! That is truly the worst. When one of mine would start, everyone went on a diet. Only clear liquids for 3 days. Then if someone else got it, we would start the 3 day cycle all over again. Sometimes it would take a month to go through the 7 of us. My frkng nightmare. But I lived through it, and you will too :) No dairy and get some “Zylast” had sanitizer. It is suppose to kill that virus. I’ve got a container in every room <3 Good luck

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