Productive Saturday and Busy Sunday

Good morning, happy daylight savings day! Even though it is a pain to think about the fact that we’ve lost an hour of sleep I am happy because the time change means that warm weather is close by! The birds seem to know it too because they are outside chirping away. I love hearing the birds sing every morning, it really is one of my favorite parts of life. Maybe that makes me weird but nature is just one of those things that brings me out of my head and feel good.

Yesterday we went on a bit of a shopping spree with Henry. He really needed some bigger clothes and shoes so we went to Carters and Famous Footwear to get him some stuff. We didn’t buy many spring things but the stuff that we got he will be able to wear while the weather is still chilly and rainy. We got a few tees, a few hoodies, a nice button up, more than a few pairs of pants because he needed them the most and some socks and a new pair of sneakers.

Henry ended up picking out his own sneakers because while we were debating on which color Adidas we liked he found Thomas the train shoes that he “OOOOhhhheeedd!” about and pulled them right out of the box. He loved them so much we decided, what the heck, let’s get them. He was so excited for his Thomas the train shoes and wore them out of the store. While we were out during the rest of the day anytime he passed a mirror he’d check out his shoes in the reflection. Funny kid that one. For being only 20 months old he sure does know what he wants. :)

After getting Henry loaded up with clothes that fit him properly we headed to the mall and had lunch. The Cheese Cake Factory was packed and had a wait time so we ended up in TGIFridays which was actually better than it was the last time we went there. It was a nice lunch and Henry had a good time with just the two of us. He was picking up one of their table advertisements and peeking through it at us saying “I see you!” Neither Aidan and I had ever heard him say that before so it was a lot of fun to play his little game. I am so glad he is talking so much lately, I love his sweet little voice and it’s amazing how quickly he went from saying only a few things when prompted to just randomly saying things. I love him so much!

After lunch we went to Destination Maternity and I was able to get quite a lot of items. I didn’t get all fancy because my head wasn’t working so well but I am happy with the clothes I got :) No more squashed feeling for me :) I got some leggings and a skirt and some nursing tanks, some pjs, a bra, long sleeve tees and a cardigan. I feel much better today now that I have options as to yesterday when I didn’t know what to wear. I’m still going to get some sun dresses from Old Navy as I have a gift card but after that I think I’ll be set!

Today we are going to visit Aidan’s parents and even though I really just want to stay here and get spring cleaning done I am gonna go. I haven’t seen them since Christmas and getting out of the house again will be good. Before we leave though I have to get some stuff done so I am going to wrap this up.

I hope you have a great day :)


2 thoughts on “Productive Saturday and Busy Sunday

  1. Scarlett79 Reply
    One of my most fav things to do is buy new clothes for my kids when they were young. I was the youngest so I never gave any of the kids hand me downs. I hated them !!! Besides I had 1 boy then a girl, then 2 more boys so the boys thing didn’t quite work as they were 6 years apart and different sizes at different ages. Your life sounds wonderfully normal. I remember it well back in the day. Really wasn’t that long ago for me but sometimes it feels like a 100 years ago with all that the life that has been lived since then <3

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am actually hoping that it is a boy just so we can use the hand me downs, lol. If it’s a girl I’ll be super happy too, but we have so many great clothes that fall perfectly in season. They will be almost exactly 2 years apart (just shy by a few weeks) so it sure would make my life easier when they are younger!
      Girls clothes are more fun to buy though so if it is a girl I will be having a good time with that :) I’m glad you think I have a normal life, that makes me feel good, because I always feel like I’m out in left field! Have a great day and I’ll send you that info soon!


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