The Biggest Snow Storm of the Year Minus the Snow??

So again, here we are in the midst of another large snow storm — one with a solid prediction of 6-8 inches — minus any sign of snow. It was supposed to start after midnight but now (at 5am) it is still raining like it was all day yesterday. The weather folks haven’t budged from their forecast though and are still calling for a big storm bringing in that 6-8 inches.

People on social media are pretty angry (and their comments are pretty funny) but the frustration is real. A lot of schools called closure early (as early as last night) and a lot of parents had to call out of work because of their kids being home from school. I understand how mad they must feel, especially if they are losing a days worth of pay.. For rain.

Here is the latest assortment of comments left on the local news channels Facebook weather post just for your entertainment:

PicMonkey Collage
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As for this town’s schools, no decision has been made but if they do have school my kids are gonna be upset, which is also understandable. Heck, I’ll feel upset for them because this time it was supposed to be a real storm!A good money day for Marshal and a good lay around and do nothing but watch tv and maybe paint my nails day for Regina.

Is the snow still coming? Probably since they haven’t changed the forecast like they did the last time they predicted a huge storm and nothing came of it. Sadly though because their timing is (possibly) wrong it is screwing everyone up.

I actually just checked the school website and see that they declared a snow day. Well, that makes me feel better for the kids :) Now the other parents and I won’t have to worry about them getting home in a few hours when (and if) it ends up badly.

Okay, enough of this weather crap. I really getting older and older the way I go on about the weather, aren’t I?

I am going to work on another post now because I woke up super early and can’t imagine anyone cares too much about my snow drama.

**update at 7:30am: it’s snowing like mad! 


2 thoughts on “The Biggest Snow Storm of the Year Minus the Snow??

  1. It’s snowing quite a bit over here, too, even though I am really starting to like it this year around. Must be my first winter on the East Coast (in the past 5 years) which I am not over with (yet).

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    1. Yeah, you guys got hit harder up there than we did this year. Last year we had it much, much worse so I suppose I was expecting more this year. I’m not over it yet either but if I was spring is just around the corner so I could deal with it. I’m glad it’s not getting to you this year :)


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