Pregnancy Math That Equals Me Fat and Whiney

Now that I am more than half way through my fourth pregnancy I’ve realized a few things. Most importantly (and the topic of today’s post) is that I absolutely hate being pregnant. With each pregnancy I have become more of a mess than I was with the last.

Pregnancy # 4 x Mess = Big Huge Disaster

Here are the details because I’m in the mood to complain:

  • My boobs are flipping humungous. Sure this was a bonus when I was an A/B cup and desperately wanted a bigger chest. Now that I’m wearing a D/DD all I want are my tiny and manageable boobs back. My back hurts. My bras don’t fit. My tops don’t fit and these things are constantly in the way. How much fucking bigger can they get before my spine snaps?
  • Heartburn: It’s constant. It’s annoying. It’s painful.
  • Not being able to take medicine. Including that of an alcoholic nature.
  • Insomnia — it’s baaaack. Please, can I sleep well one night soon?!!
  • My bladder hates me. I spend more time peeing than doing anything else. Sadly, I know it will only get worse from here.
  • My emotions are rampant. I laugh. I cry. The devil posses me to turn into a scary witch and then bake cupcakes.
  • Weight gain. OMG I am seriously fat. Not just pregnant belly here! Nope, what I’ve got going on is straight up water retention city and cake face.
  • All I want to do is eat salt and sugar. Just pass the bags and a spoon. I’ll be fine. Wait, why am I fat???
  • Discomfort. I am so freaking uncomfortable. No matter what position I am in it hurts. Sitting, standing, laying down. Ouch. Hanging upside down, floating, hopping. Ugh. My fucking body hurts.
  • Knowing I am still going to feel all of this way for another 4 months just makes me sad. Or angry. Or hungry. Or tired.
  • Low energy levels. Or better described as no energy levels. I seriously am dragging myself around every hour of the day.
  • My brain stopped working. Seriously, it’s been on vacation for a few weeks now and I’d like it to return.

I am just a hot mess. In past pregnancies I have been cute and bubbly up until the last trimester. Nope, not this time! This time I gave up on myself much earlier than I ever have before. As in as soon as I peed on that stupid stick. Is it because I am older now? Usually I can hold out until the third trimester to give up; that’s when my clothes haven’t match the current season and I didn’t want to spend money on stuff to wear for only three months. Oh, but not this time!

This time around, I have been trying to wear maternity clothes from the last pregnancy. Sure, I can get them on but they really don’t fit comfortably. So after a few hours of feeling like a stuffed sausage I rip them off and throw on my lovely sweatpants or stretchies. I am a super model :)

I am determined to start being cute now though. I’ll get some clothes that fit and just feel better. Lord knows those maternity clothes will get usage for much longer than three months. Yup, I am doing some shopping and I’m gonna get my shit together for this last pregnancy. I’m gonna (start trying to) resist all of these naughty cravings and get moving around more, too. I owe it to myself. I owe it to Aidan. He deserves to see me in more than worn out sweat pants and shirts that highlight my rolls.

I’ll get my eye brows done, my hair shaped up, and a pedicure too. I’ll just feel better, you know. I might be fat and pregnant but there is no law that says I can’t be cute, fat, pregnant. Or that I can’t feel good about myself. I think it’s especially this last time around, I don’t want to fall into a slump after pushing out this baby and lose myself forever! I’m old and feel horrible inside maybe feeling better on the outside will help me somehow so I won’t keep feeling this way for an eternity.

How did you make out with your pregnancies? Did you love it or hate it and how did you do with self care? Please let a lady know the good the bad and the ugly!


16 thoughts on “Pregnancy Math That Equals Me Fat and Whiney

  1. As a budget obsessed mom, normally I would urge restraint…blah, blah, blah…
    When pregnant and feeling crummy and tired and hungry and suffering insomnia…I urge GO FOR IT! Let us know how shopping/updating goes, and I hope you get a good night’s sleep and wake up feeling your bubbly self!

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    1. Thank you so much for saying that. I have been struggling because I don’t want to spend money, but I really feel awful! Plus after doing this three times already I know the clothes won’t be a total waste. Plus I can consign them if I ever loose the weight lol


      1. I had a dark brown velour (which sounds weird) stretchy dress and a great pair of cowboy boots that got me through three of the pregnancies…I always missed the uniform after birth. I hope you find your perfect outfit!

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  2. I HATED my 3rd and final pregnancy. It was text-book and easy, but I had chronic rib pain and insomnia. Those things made me miserable and I could never get comfortable. Add to that that I gained nearly 50 pounds and I just felt like an exhausted schlump.

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    1. That’s how I feel! I don’t even want to know what I will have gained at the end, honestly I don’t even know what I’ve gained so far. I should probably pay attention next week lol


  3. I get really sick thought the whole thing. I could not read because would make me dizzy. My hip and tail bone would pop out of place…two absolutely awful pregnancies…so I understand you completely.

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  4. I’m only in my first pregnancy right now and I think I’ve stated numerous times that I really do not enjoy being pregnant at all. I’ve got a friend who is about two months ahead of me in her pregnancy and she is the epitome of a glowing first time mom-to-be. It makes me want to smack her sometimes when she’s all positive about everything and all I can do is complain about insomnia, bloating, weight gain, nausea, etc, etc, etc. Of course I would never actually smack her though! I try to focus on those few rare days where I see my over-sized 18 week bump and get a bit excited about the baby that’s going to come from it. But…seriously..this post basically just hit on everything I feel, right down to the F bombs! I love it!

    I have tried to keep myself dressed decently despite being pregnant and feeling like crap, but when I’m at home, my husband knows that I am going to wear whatever I’m comfortable in and I don’t care how I look. When he can be the one carrying a kid, he can comprehend how restrictive even maternity clothes can feel. When we go out anywhere I will make an effort. But home = sweatpants or pajama bottoms.

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    1. I feel like there is a lot of pressure on women to enjoy pregnancy and it isn’t fair, especially to those of us who don’t. Maybe I’m wrong and just overly grumpy but hey I’m entitled. We are entitled!

      I hope the rest of your baby baking goes quickly and smoothly! One thing is for sure, all of this will be a distant memory once you see that sweet face and forget all of the aches, pains and discomforts it took to bring your little one into your life! Thanks for commenting and making me feel not so alone in my misery :)


  5. I liked being pregnant. But each pregnancy was harder, and I was a genuine whale with the last one. I definitely stopped looking at the scale at the doctor’s. One of the reasons I’m not having a fourth is that I just know my luck would run out and I’d have a terrible pregnancy and then never ever lose the weight.
    But anyway… I say get the clothes, get the pedicure, get it all!

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    1. I agree that each one has gotten much worse lol my luck surely has run out this time around. This is my last time though so I’m just gonna try to keep on trucking and turn it around if I can!


  6. You go girl! I think you deserve a lot more than just that. You should add a facial and a massage to it too.
    This is my first pregnancy and not enjoying it at all. Apart from all the aches and pains I feel like I can’t recognise myself in the mirror anymore and my head is all messed up. The worst thing was when everybody was telling me I should enjoy this wonderful experience. I was reading about it and everybody is so positive and loving it … so I started feeling guilty. Asking myself, what is wrong with me that I can’t enjoy it as everybody else does? Will I be able to connect with my baby when she arrives? And all these down spiralling questions.
    It’s reassuring to see I’m not the only one who doesn’t enjoy this “unique” experience. So I’m going to pick myself up and do something nice for myself today too. :-) Thanks for a great blog post and thanks to all your followers for your comments. You made a girl feel better today.

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