Five Minute Fix: How to Add a Tag Cloud to Your Blog

Scarlett asked a great question yesterday and requested a step by step on how to add a widget to her page that is similar to the “What I Write About” section I have here. Thanks for the question Scarlett! I figured I’d show everyone just in case someone else might be wondering, too.

Editing Widgets
It’s actually very quick and easy to add and edit widgets — provided the theme you use allows for them. In this case, Scarlett uses twentyfifteen as her theme and it does indeed use widgets! 

The particular widget that we are going to be focusing on today is called the Tag Cloud.

Step One:
Go to your WP Admin Page and scroll down on the left side to the Appearance Section. Then click on Customize, this will take you to the Customizer page:

Screenshot 2015-03-04 07.21.06

Step Two:
Click on the Widget Area and select the widget area you would like the Tag Cloud to appear (depending on your theme you will often have a few areas to choose from):

Screenshot 2015-03-04 07.12.42

Step Three:
Scroll to the bottom and select Add Widget

Screenshot 2015-03-04 07.13.41

Step Four:
Type “Tag Cloud” into the search function that pops up next to the menu and click on “Tag Cloud” from the options

Screenshot 2015-03-04 07.14.01

Step Five:
Edit the title section to what you would like the heading to say. In my case it says “What I Write About” but you can call it anything you like! It’s fun to try to match the title to the theme of your blog. For example, you could call it “Topics that Move Me” or “Frequently Thinking About” or “Hot Topics” depending on the style and topics of your writing, you catch my drift :)

From there you can change the number of topics you’d like the widget to pull. The higher the number you have the more the cloud will vary in size. The larger words will represent the tags you use most often and smaller will be tags you use least often.
Screenshot 2015-03-04 07.14.24

Step Six:
Click the close button. This will save your widget automatically.

Screenshot 2015-03-04 07.14.42

Step Seven:
Drag and drop your widget to where you’d like it to appear in your sidebar. This is done by clicking on the widget title and not letting go of the button. Move it to where you’d like it to be then let go. You can also use the Reorder button located next to the Add a Widget button, if you find that easier to do.Screenshot 2015-03-04 07.14.52

Step Eight:
Click Save and Activate at the top of the widget section. Then go check your page out and see if it looks awesome! If you’d like to change it just go back to the widget section and click the little arrow next to the “Tag Cloud” section and edit as you’d like. Don’t forget to save your work!Screenshot 2015-03-04 07.15.06

For this tutorial I switched to the twentyfifteen theme, just so Scarlett would know exactly what to do. Other themes will have the same directions (if widgets are one of your themes options.) Your blog appearance window will look different if you use something different than twentyfifteen, but don’t worry, the customizing section will look and function the same.

**Another quick thing to point out is that all the widgets titles can be customized to say what you would like them. This is done by editing the Title section of the widgets as shown in Step Five.

Have fun and I hope this helped Scarlett!

If anyone else has any questions on editing their theme or working in WordPress, feel free to ask. I don’t know everything of course but I do know quite a bit and love to help. If your question isn’t something I can answer I will be happy to give you a direction to look to find the answers you need :)


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