99 Problems and The Dishwasher’s One

Let me start by saying that it was good we didn’t pay Lowes to have a plumber come out to install the dishwasher. I say this because (of course) there was a problem, one that could not have been avoided by having someone else do the install and one that would have ended up costing us more money.

When the dishwasher was delivered on Sunday it was during the middle of an ice storm. I was surprised that they came out to the house, but they did and we were happy. The only issue was that Aidan needed to see one of the pipes to determine a fitting size that he would need to pick up at Lowes. There was ice, lots of it, so we decided it was best to wait until the next day for him to pick the fitting up after work, which he did, but he mistakenly got the wrong one. So after getting home last night he had to run back to the store, in the middle of installation. But that wasn’t the problem I am talking about here.

From the time he returned the install went smoothly. He got the electric connected, the fitting soldered on, and the water line connected. As he was making adjustments to the water line fittings though, sure enough, the water shut of valve (under the sink) started shooting water everywhere. The valve was old and worn and decided now that since Aidan was on the last step of the install, it would give up on life. Luckily, he got the valve to work to the point that it wasn’t shooting water everywhere but it is in a slow drip state and does need to be replaced today before he can give the install a completed check-mark.

Ugh! It really is always something in this 100 year old house. Seriously, no matter what project we are trying to do we have to add a step or two to get it done because something always goes wrong. Even the “5 minute Fan” required extra work the other day. This is something that we have grown used to but it is still always such a source of aggravation. At least he will be well versed in problem solving and home repair but he swears he doesn’t need either of those qualities because the next house we buy will be of this century, decade, or the current year even.

I can’t wait until the dishwasher is completely hooked up and ready to go. The dishes on the counter are proof that we are ready to test this bad boy out and believe me I am ready to test it out because the mess is starting to really get to me :)

Are you like us and always run into problem(s) after problem(s) while trying to do home repairs? Do you live in an old home too or run into trouble even in a newer home? Let a lady know so we can laugh about it together! Please? I can’t be the only one who goes through this!


15 thoughts on “99 Problems and The Dishwasher’s One

  1. I lived in an old home for about 10 years. We called it the “monster house”! Moved from that into a brand new house, which didn’t have old house problems, but I never felt like the house was solid. Everything seemed flimsy. I only lived there three years. Now I live in an apartment, built in 1969, has withstood several hurricanes, is completely renovated, and if I have maintenance problems, I just call the man!

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    1. Sounds like the perfect blend of old and new! If we don’t build I know I won’t buy another 100 year old home unless it was gutted and redone by someone other than us but I really don’t think we will even venture down that path again. I like all of the charm but hate that everything is deteriorating on us! I worry that a new home will feel flimsy, too!
      Just an afternoon update — Aidan has gone back to the hardware store! He wants to replace all of the water lines under the sink cause it’s still giving him trouble. Poor guy :( if I have a dishwasher tonight I think I’ll consider myself a very lucky lady at this rate!

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  2. This is a random question… How do you get the widget “What I write about” to look like that ???
    Would appreciate a step by step instruction to do that !!! Thanks, you blog looks amazing.


        1. The tags are based on what you tag your posts with and you can’t edit them. You can only include more or less of them but won’t be able to choose which ones as its done automatically.
          The font is based on the default font of your theme. The only way to change this is to purchase a WordPress upgrade package. You can preview the font options offered in the upgrade in your Customizer menu but the only way to save the changes would be to purchase the upgrade, unfortunately.


          1. It looks really nice! You did a great job :)
            Did you change your background color and sidebar image also? In any case your page looks very good, well done!


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