Some Upgrades :)

Good morning, happy Sunday! I woke up earlier than I usually do on Sundays and decided I’d just get up and write instead of laying in bed trying to fall back asleep or looking thru Facebook and all of the photos of peoples drunkenness last night. I came down to make coffee but forgot to add the grinds so now I’m remaking. I would love to say it’s the first time I’ve done that but it’s not. I pull that silly move about once every two weeks.

Don’t get tears in your pancakes, darling
Yesterday morning Aidan, Regina, Henry and I left the house super early to get some stuff done. The first order of business — breakfast at iHop. Woo hoo! I don’t know why we get so excited and love that place so much but we do.

While we were waiting for our food we were ease dropping on the couple in the booth next to us. This man had me in tears laughing while he was talking to his wife about an upcoming trip they were going on. For some reason he felt it was necessary to tell this poor woman what (everything) he was packing and exactly what time and activity he would be doing while wearing each item of clothing he was bringing along. I slept better last night knowing that he has new loafers, a blue north face, a green tee shirt, a white polo, a green polo and a blue polo that he will be wearing on his trip. It was seriously the strangest conversation I have overheard — in like ever. His wife didn’t say a word the whole time except to tell him that she could bring her own toothpaste, to which he passionately objected. He knows all about toothpaste.

New toy for mommy
After breakfast we went over to Lowes to check out dishwashers! Another woo hoo! I am excited here, can you tell? I didn’t see the models that I was comparing online even though I walked around everywhere, including their cabinet displays hoping to find at least one of the two. The LG one that I did see on display cost $1,000 and was definitely over what I had wanted to spend. I don’t know if you remember but I had it narrowed down to two: one for $619 and one for $719. Anyway, the sales guy was working hard and very busy but when he finally got the chance to come talk to us I asked if that was the only LG they had on display. He quickly pointed to another, so I walked around and there (3 pieces down for the super expensive one) was the $719 one!

When I looked online I didn’t think I liked it aesthetically all that much, but in person I was happy! The inside of it is spacious and has some cool features that the $619 one doesn’t have. The sales guy told us that the only difference between the $1,000 one and the one I was checking out was a tiny little third rack at the top of the dishwasher, the handle and the control panel location. I did like the 3rd rack, but I think the handle on the more expensive one was ugly (and a place for kids to hang on) and I don’t care about having hidden power buttons. So yay! We ordered it and as a plus it was in stock and they can apparently deliver it today!

The total cost of the dishwasher, installation kit, tax and the 3 year extended warranty (I fall for it every time) was $804. More than I’d like to spend (I’d prefer spending nothing) but it was well under the $1200 that I originally thought we were to expect.

Aidan master plumber? I think he can, I think he can!
We had the option to have one of Lowes plumbers hook it up but passed on it because it was almost $200 more and we already have a plumber that we were going to call about the leak situation anyway. Aidan was feeling confident though and said that he would actually be removing the old dishwasher and installing the new one. Sexy! I knew I loved him for a reason! He also said he is going to take apart the stuff under the sink and snake the line, so if it is a clog causing the problem we can save the money on calling the plumber. He’s going to do that today and in case we run into trouble we will just call the plumber like we originally discussed.

Lighting of this century
After we picked out my new toy we decided to look at a light fixture for the dining room. The ceiling fan that was in there was on it’s last leg (and light bulb, literally) and seriously hardly worked. The fan was stuck in the on position for years now, it wobbled something fierce and it was definitely a product of the 80’s. Last year we decided that we wanted to put this light from Restoration Hardware in and as much as I’d love to say we pulled the trigger on it, being realistic took over.


Do I love this light and think it would be gorgeous in the room? Absolutely! Oh my goodness, I really love this light! Honestly though I question the quality of RH and the cost ($500) isn’t something I want to take a risk on. We’ve have seen the “quality” of their products first hand in crazy expensive sheets that we “invested in” that have fallen apart after a year. We almost bought a dining room table from them last year because it was absolutely perfect for us style wise but after seeing the quality of it up close and in person we decided not to purchase it. I am so happy that I didn’t get it to this day, especially after reading all of the on-line complaints made against them and their products.

Aside from the quality and cost I have Marshall, who you may recall that I’ve recently talked about his ability to break and destroy everything. I can just see him breaking this beautiful light in a months time and me never forgiving him (or myself.) It’s not worth the risk all around.

Being realistic
So anyway, we decided to get another ceiling fan for the dining room. The fan is the same style that I’ve slowly been putting in throughout the rest of the house over the past few years and though it isn’t glamorous it was reasonable and a total upgrade. When we were looking at the fan, debating, the thought was that we’d replace the broken piece of crap and then move the fan into the last room that needs it once we picked out a light for over the table. After seeing the new fan in the room (and more importantly being realistic about Marshall’s tendencies) I’ve decided that I just want to keep the fan in the room and buy one last one for the living room.

It’s not anything fancy but it coordinates with the furniture and window hardware I have in the room. It also matches the other fans and seriously, it was a hundred bucks. If the people who live here after me want to swap it out they can go for it, but for the purpose of resale of the house and for us now, it’s updated! It functions nicely and it looks pretty alright in the space :)

I’m feeling good about our upgrade purchases that we made yesterday. Of course now I’ve got more of a balance on my Lowes card to pay down again, but I opted for 6 months/zero interest and plan on paying it down before I feel the pain.

Plans for today
This afternoon I am supposed to take Regina to the local Vocational Tech school to see if she can do the cosmotology program next year. It is a two year program and she will be a senior so I want to know if there will be an option to send her the year after she graduates and just pay the tuition. I believe we would qualify for for some type of financial aid and I think it’s worth a shot of at least finding out. Unfortunately they are calling for a snow and ice storm toda so I don’t know if we can go another day. I think there are a few days scheduled for open houses, but I have to check.

The weather might also delay the dishwasher getting delivered, but only time will tell. Aidan still has some prep to do for the arrival but other than that I am just going to do some wash, watch some tv and relax :)

I hope you all have a great rest of your weekend!


2 thoughts on “Some Upgrades :)

  1. Congrats on the dishwasher! Glad to know I’m not alone on the coffee grinds…spent some years questioning my brain after mishaps like that! Lastly, long live iHop. I love the little syrup dispensers and the simple decadence!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh my goodness I sure do love the syrup. Aidan is installing the dishwasher right now! I have been forbidden from washing dishes for the past two days so we can give it a proper test drive lol it’s driving me nuts so I’m glad it’s almost ready to go!

      Liked by 1 person

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