Friday Updates

8 more minutes, please!
This morning it was super hard to wake up. When I finally looked at my clock it was 6:18 and I had a sort of oh-shit moment. Marshall of course required 15 minutes of me nagging him to wake up and ran out of the door with barely enough time. He pissed me off by kicking our storm door to open it, which now probably has a broken latch. I’m waiting for my blood pressure to drop back down before I go inspect it, so I won’t have a heart attack if it is actually broken.

I don’t know how late this kid stays up at night but it’s absolutely ridiculous that he can’t just get up like a normal person. Even though his alarm clock wasn’t waking him up, it is clear that it was a lot easier for me to get him up after it had been going off for 30 minutes. Back to that annoying part of life again.

Surprise, it’s snowing!
It’s snowing out and this is something that was totally not mentioned by the weather people. When I checked my app it after seeing it I saw that at least it was updated to say it will snow until about 9am. I read a funny comment on the Facebook weather page saying “It’s not weather predicting when you are updating the forecast as the weather happens.. That’s called weather reporting.” It made me laugh (because well) it’s true. My body was bothering me bad last night and I told Aidan and Regina it felt like snow or rain were coming. Guess that my aches and pains know the weather pretty well, maybe better than the weather folks.

Birthday dinner
I made two different types of wings last night for Regina’s boyfriends birthday. I did the classic hot wings recipe by Pioneer Woman and made up my own version of Honey Barbeque to surprise Aidan. He loves honey barbeque wings and even though I never made them before they were gone as fast as the classic ones. There weren’t any of either left over and I made 3 packs of chicken instead of the usual 2. Yay! I also made two huge salads and dippers for dressing. The wings disappeared and I ended up throwing away only a little bit of veggies. For cake we had the traditional (to our house) Carvel ice cream cake and overall it was a nice dinner. Regina’s boyfriend thanked me many times for making a special night for him and he seemed genuinely happy. That makes me happy.

Aren’t I supposed to be throwing things away??
I haven’t gotten any decluttering done and according to my calculations I’m needing three bags to get caught up today. At least it’s Friday and I have a weekend coming up which will give me more help with Henry and some time to get back on track.

New dishwasher research
We are going to replace the dishwasher despite the main problem with the plumbing being a clogged pipe. It has hardly worked well in years; it is from 1992 so I am guessing it’s a major energy hog. I priced out dishwashers online and found two LG’s that I like, one for $620 and one for $730. The one for $620 looks nicer in my opinion but the $730 one has more features. Both of them are well under the $1200 cost I was expecting so that was a nice surprise. We are going to check them out and order one this weekend. I’ll schedule a plumber to come and install it and fix the leaking/clogged pipe one it arrives.

Missed a day of writing
It bothered me all day yesterday that I didn’t get a chance to write at all. I had therapy at 8am though and desperately needed to shower before they got here and Aidan left for work. It wasn’t much of a toss-up between clean hair and writing but I had hoped for a chance later in the day. I ended up taking a nap when I had my chance to write in the afternoon and didn’t have any free time at all through out the day or night. I’ve written all but two days this month though and I am proud of that. Writing really is good for me and I hope I will make the time to keep doing it once the baby arrives. I know it’s going to be so much harder then but if I can squeeze 15 minutes out of the day for myself it will be worth it.

Well, it’s time to start doing some housework and blah blah blah. I’m really glad it is Friday and that the week went by fast again. I hope you all have a great day and aren’t feeling cranky like me ;)


4 thoughts on “Friday Updates

  1. I think you are doing an amazing job of writing your life and can’t believe that you only missed two days this month! You are my new blogging-hero (hope your hats still fit after your head swells a little bit from the compliment…LOL–it’s still winter, after all, and it’s still cold enough that most people–at least around here–are wearing hats to ward off a chilled noggin. I’m not bright enough to do that, mind you, as I look ridiculous and feel even more ridiculous in a hat…picture a Cabbage Patch kid that got left in the garden). But now I’m rambling, as I am often known to do, so i’d better stop.

    I love reading your blog posts so even when I don’t comment please remember that you do have at least one fan in Atlantic Canada! Hope your screen door latch isn’t broken, and if it is, hope your son knows how to repair it or at least pay for the new latch! (Good luck with that, right? LOL)

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    1. Sylvia, your comment was so sweet and you really should be wearing a hat when you go outside! I’ve seen all of the snow pictures you posted on Facebook, they are wild and you really wouldn’t want to get sick! I often look like a weirdo whether it is because of a hat or not because I just throw on whatever I want. Haha, the other day when we got home from the super market I saw my hair and could hardly believe I walked around in public looking like I did.. Half of it was crazy bed head looking and the other half normal. Jeeze what must people think!
      I am glad you are following along to my almost daily rants somedays I don’t think I’ll have anything to say but then I just sit down and out it comes :)
      Thankfully the door latch wasn’t broken, he certainly wouldn’t know how to repair it and he owes me money for a broken fence, a broken medicine cabinet, a destroyed sink vanity and furniture, I’m sure plenty of other items. Lol, I said one day when he is an adult and living in his own house I’m going to come visit with a torch and say “Oh I like your sofa, whoops! I lit it on fire, sorry!” He is just a careless boy who is clueless when it comes to money and things. He’ll get there!
      I hope it’s stopped snowing and I’m looking forward to one of your posts! Stay warm xo


    1. Thanks! Crazy right? I have been trying to find everyone who still blogs and I was so happy to see you posting this week :) you are on a roll, too! It’s good to connect with everyone and see how you all are doing, I’ve missed you guys a lot!


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