Happy Kitchen Easy Morning

Last night Marshall stayed at his dad’s for the night, like he does about once a month, and I’ve gotta tell you how nice it is not having to go up and down his steps three times in the morning to get him up for school: it’s really nice. It’s also nice to not have him here after dinner being all hyper and what not. Of course I would hate it if he stayed there more often, but the break sure is sweet.

I started making dinner early yesterday because Henry hadn’t had a nap and I wanted to get all the eating and cleaning done before 8 o’clock. Even though I started early I severely misread the recipe and the meatloaf I was making wasn’t done until 7:15! I had made the recipe a few times before but forgotten how long it took to cook in the oven. Oh well, it was really good (worth the time waiting) and because of the hour and 15 minute baking time I was able to clean up before it was done.

Look at mee! I'm in the kitchen!
Look at mee! I’m in the kitchen!

While I was cooking Regina took a few pictures of Henry who was over joyed to be in the kitchen. It’s one of his favorite spots in the house because it’s almost always off limits for him. I keep the gate up to block him off because he gets so excited and proceeds to get into everything and anything he can get his hands on. Cat food = fun. Bottles of water and oil = toddler’s delight. Trash can = ohh la la! You know.

Anyway, he had fun and she kept him occupied as I chopped and mashed. I’d really like to get him a play kitchen to keep in there so he can cook with me. I hate having to block him off but there really are too many things in there that he could get into and cause a disaster with. There aren’t many other spots to move things either, in case you are wondering why I don’t just set up the space better.

Yes, he is wearing Christmas pj’s. They still fit and that’s what matters here.

Today we are going to be upstairs for most of the day. I didn’t get up there yesterday and I still want to go through our closets. Instead of the closets yesterday I just cleaned out the desk drawers in the living room. There wasn’t much to clean so it only took me 5 minutes but it was still purging and it served as a good reminder that some areas here are in great shape. I really need to vacuum upstairs today after I clear the closets. We have a Beni Ourain style rug in Henry’s room and it sheds like crazy. There is so much loose wool hiding in corners up there that I could probably stuff a (plush) animal.

After school Regina and I have to run to the market to pick up food for her boyfriends birthday. I let him pick what he wants for dinner as I do with the rest of the family and he requested wings. Yum, okay we are all on board with that choice :) Regina is going to make him the cake so it won’t be too much for me to do.

Have a great day and keep in mind that we are halfway to the weekend :)


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